Lake Hylia

HESS To Fishing Pond

Discovered by fox

A tricky HESS can be done to be able to enter the Fishing Pond without Scarecrow's Song or beating Water Temple.

Hookshot Jump To Fire Arrows

Discovered by benstephens

Using a skulltula token delay, it is possible to do a hookshot jump off of the tree that is high enough to reach the Fire Arrows platform without swordless Epona or Scarecrow's Song.

Lab Roof Heart Piece As Child

Discovered by benstephens

Using a combination of infinite sword glitch alongside of quickdrawing a bombchu it is possible to hover off of a skulltula and said bombchu in order to reach the top of the house and obtain the Heart Piece. This is useful for Max% Child.

Last updated 05/09/2017 – erinexplosives