Death Hole Wrong Warp

In all versions of Ocarina of Time, there is a rather bizarre glitch that occurs if you die at the same time you touch the entrance trigger to a grotto. This leads to some very interesting tricks on the 3DS version of the game.

Performing the Trick with Bombs

  1. Get a fairy (optional)
  2. Reduce your health down until you're one hit away from dying (half a heart without double damage).
  3. Place a bomb on one end of the grotto, and stand on the other.
  4. Wait for the bomb to explode, then Jump Attack at the same time.

If done properly, two things can occur. You'll either die, be revived by the fairy, then be stuck on top of the grotto, or you'll fall straight through the ground. If you fall, the fairy isn't necessary.

If you fall through the ground, you'll "enter" the grotto you did the trick over once you hit the out of bounds trigger. However, you'll be placed at your last entrance coordinates. If you fall out of bounds again, you'll end up outside at the last entrance before entering the grotto.

Wrong Warping

It's possible to Wrong Warp with the Death Hole glitch by pressing Start, then quitting the game. You can do this even if you fall through the ground, as long as you do so before falling out of bounds.

On quitting the game, instead of ending back at Hyrule Field on the title screen, you'll wrong warp to a location depending on which grotto you did the glitch on. Furthermore, the game state will be set to Title Screen Mode, meaning that you can continue to wrong warp until the state is set back to Game Mode.

There are four significant places you can wrong warp to.

  1. Due to the grotto entrances being bunched together, most wrong warps will lead to another grotto
  2. The "generic" grotto which contains a one-eyed statue, a small pool with a fish, bushes with bugs, and a chest will take to the Lakeside Laboratory
  3. One grotto will take you to Impa's House
  4. One grotto will take you to the Sacred Forest Meadow

Once warped, the bottom screen menus will be inaccessible. However, you can still use your B, X and Y items. To access the bottom screen you need to either have an Ocarina on B or use the Ocarina Items glitch. Even if you get a game over you'll still be in the area you wrong warped to.

With Farore's Wind and warp songs you can continue to wrong warp.

Wrong warping with warp songs

Normally your Ocarina is unusable, because of the blank screen. But if you have an Ocarina on B or use the Ocarina Items glitch, then you can play a warp song or quit playing the Ocarina to access the bottom screen.

Here's a list of where every warp song puts you with the exception of Minuet of Forest, Serenade of Water and Prelude of Light that crash the game with a white screen.

Bolero of Fire

Warps you to the spot where the Hyrule Castle guards throw you out, if you get caught in the Courtyard. If you get caught by the guards near the gate as adult Link, you're warped to the Market entrance outside Ganon's Castle.

Requiem of Spirit

Warps to an objectless Desert Colossus. Trying to enter the Fairy Fountain crashes the game. The Spirit Temple entrance and the Haunted Wasteland entrance work normally.

Nocturne of Shadow

Warps to Ganon's Tower escapes final bridge. You can walk back to the previous rooms, which eventually warp you back to the beginning. Going to Ganon works normally.

Death Hole Void Warp

Discovered by Hylian Freddy

When you spawn in an area while Death Hole is activated, the game will be in a cutscene state for a couple of seconds. During this time loading zones are disabled. Because of this property, by quickly entering a load zone and returning FW, you can void warp.

This type of void warp will spawn you in the area the wrong warp normally takes you to (when wrong warping), but with the coordinates and room number of the FW point.

DHVW (death hole void warp) is used in MST and Master Quest All Dungeons to chain water temple and shadow temple together. This is also referred to as "Boat Skip"

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