Shadow Temple

Gate Skip

With Longshot

Discovered by Greenalink

Press yourself up against the grate and use the ladder to longshot clip past the block. This clip can only be done with the longshot as the hookshot's range is not far enough to reach the ladder.

With a Bomb

Discovered by PedalPowerToast

It is possible to use a bomb to get the speed needed to clip through the gate.

With a Two-Handed Sword

Discovered by Gamestabled

Do a forward thrust towards the wall, where the wall and the gate meet. Inconsistent, make take some tries.

Crossing the Chasm

The gap can be crossed with various methods. These include hoverflip, hoversidehop, hoverboost, hammerboost, Hover HESS. These methods are found in the video below.

Boss Key Without Din's Fire

Discovered by CrazyGameNerd

By hookshot clipping the ReDead past the spike walls, you can skip Din's Fire. This can be difficult because the damage from the spikes will stop you from using the hookshot. The trick for this is to L-target and be moving either left or right against the wall, while aiming slightly down.

Spike Trap Jump

It is possible to skip pushing the block in the room with the falling spikes by backflipping on top of the traps as they fall.

Boat Room Gold Skulltula as Child

By using precise boomerang throws. It is possible to get this Gold Skulltula as child.

Boss Key Skip

It is possible to skip the boss key in Shadow Temple with a well timed ledge clip + bomb boost from a bombchu.

Last updated 07/10/2018 – purplephoton