Sacred Forest Meadow

Maze Skip

Jump Method

With a, not that precise, jump over where the pond of water is you can skip the whole maze.

Ground Jump Method

Doing a explosion limit action swap from hookshot/bow to bomb/bombchu, you can store a ground jump and skip the maze.

Minuet of Forest Cutscene Skip

Dying Method

When you die as you enter the cutscene you can skip learning song. Is not precise at all but can be easy to fail sometimes.

From Inside Forest Temple

You can also skip the cutscene from inside the temple, dying as you hit the loading zone

Hookshot MegaJump Method

You can use the ladder next to the staircase and perform a MegaJump and void out as you enter the cutscene and skip the entire cutscene.

Last updated 03/16/2015 – gabyelnuevo