Ice Cavern

Skip the Spinning Blade Silver Rupee Puzzle

There are a few methods to skip the Silver Rupee Puzzle in the Ice Cavern.

Method 1: TSC

Discovered by Kazooie

By using TSC, you can clip through the gate in the Ice Cavern.

Method 2: Megaflip

Discovered by MajoraMIM

With a well-angled megaflip you can bypass the Red Ice leading to the HP room.

Method 3: Hover Boots

If you have the Hover Boots there is no need to megaflip. You can skip the red ice leading to the HP without bombs.

Method 4: HESS

You can skip the red ice that leads to the block puzzle room, with a HESS while wearing the hover boots.

Block Puzzle Room Strategies

You can skip needing to push the block with Trick Jumps. In order to execute a Trick Jump, Link must start moving towards the edge on the ice, and then start moving forwards while sliding on the ice. If done properly, Link will jump toward the place in front of him, and with the right angle and position, he will grab ledges.

Skip the Last Red Barrier

With a Hookshot Jump off of the freezard in front of the red ice, Link can clear the red barrier with a jumpslash.

0:45 in video

Serenade of Water Cutscene Skip

Discovered by CloudMax

Damage yourself down to a half heart. Then right as the bomb explodes, time the FW message so you don't get hit yet. Then, scroll down to exit and hit the home menu, then enter the game and mash a as fast as you can.

Enter Ice Cavern as Child

By performing Inventory Overstuffing to make Hover Boots a usable item, it is possible to do four megajumps across Zora's Fountain and walk along out of bounds collision to reach Ice Cavern.

Map Room as Child

By performing a death jump or ground jump up to the first platform, it is possible to perform another trick jump off of the icicles to get up to the hallway leading to the map room.

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