Lon Lon Ranch

Steal Epona

By performing a series of tricks you can steal Epona without having to do the race with ingo.

  • Target the wall of the house next to the left gate.
  • Do 2 crouch stabs.
  • Aim with the hookshot as shown in the video.
  • Shield turn 180° then back off a little and do a Megaflip to clip into the gate.
  • Next you want to place a bomb outside the gate and put on Hover Boots and do a backflip just before the bomb explodes so it hits you midair and you land on-top of the gate.
  • Take off Hover Boots and turn diagonally to the wall and do 1 crouch stab, place a bomb behind you and let it hit you so you jump off the gate and you land on-top of the roof of the house.
  • Jump onto the seam and go into the loading zone behind the fence and get Epona.

Note: You can also clip through the gate to the right next to the stable and then just jump over or use hover boots to the other gate.

Win Epona Without Epona's Song

It is possible to beat Ingo without using Epona for the race. Normally the other horses are too slow to win, but if you wait in the back of the course for around 10 seconds, Ingo will unload and you will automatically win the race.

Last updated 03/28/2016 – benstephens1000