Death Mountain

Occam's Statue

Discovered by Blini

Occam's Statue is a technique that unloads the collision of the statue behind Darunia allowing access to Death Mountain Crater from Goron City as Child Link. The following setup(s) only work if you enter Goron City from Death Mountain Trail.

Setup with Sword

This setup obtains sticks from Darunia's room as this is desirable in almost any routing situation for normal quest. All the going back and forth seen in the video is necessary. For the final part of the setup, target the left wall in the hallway, sidehop left twice, flick right, and then perfrom an untargeted sword slash.

Obtain Magic Without Explosives

Discovered by Siroux

Normally, explosives or the megaton hammer are required to enter the Great Fairy Fountain on Death Mountain Trail. However, with a seam walk and an out of bounds jumpslash, it is possible to barely hit the end of the loading zone to the fountain, bypassing the need for explosives initially.

Setup from the Climbable Wall

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