Zora's Domain

King Zora Skip


Triple Slash Clip Method

Discovered by Kazooie

You can clip out of bounds using Triple Slash Clip, allowing you to swim under King Zora, and emerge behind him.

Weird-Slide Method.

By performing a weird-slide next to King Zora, you can clip past through him. This works on both sides of him.


Death Hole Wrong Warp Method

Set a Farore's Wind warp point to the exit of the house in Kakariko where Talon can be found as adult, and return to this entrance while in Death Hole. This can also be done as child, but it is not commonly used due to how accessible other methods are as child.

Grunz Clip Method

Discovered by Pedalpowerluigi

Using a precise Grunz clip where the floor differentiates. Requires Hover boots.

Ledge Clip Method

By doing a ledge clip and getting hit by a bomb, it is possible to get oob and swim past King Zora

Zora's Domain to Lake Hylia Warp

Using different methods it is possible enter the warp that leads to Lake Hylia without the requirement of Silver Scale. It is also possible to enter it as Adult Link.

Unload Lower ZD Method

Discovered by CloudMax, Clip discovered by Kazooie

By clipping out of bounds using Triple Slash Clip, you're able to swim under King Zora, and make your way around the hallway where you play the rupee collecting minigame while being out of bounds. This will keep the lower section of Zora's Domain unloaded, allowing you to walk into the warps loading zone.

Pillar Clip Method

Discovered by CloudMax

As Adult Link it is also possible to clip with a Jumpslash, Biggoron's Sword Thrust and hammerslide, making it very easy to clip.

As child Link you are required to shield a bomb in order to clip between the wall and pillar.

Position Link between the pillar and the wall. Then go into first person camera and align the right edge of your screen with the blue walls right edge. Now place a bomb infront of you and hold L & R to shield the bomb. Then you need to navigate towards the warp.

Ladder Clip Method.

By sidehopping behind the ladder near the entrance to Zora's Domain you can get out of bounds. From here fall out of the water then into the loading zone or use the iron boots to get to the loading zone.

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