Max% Child

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A popular challenge in Ocarina of Time and Ocarina of Time 3D is to try and get as many items as possible without drawing the Master Sword and becoming adult. This page serves to document how to get items that are otherwise not obtainable as child Link. It is also important to note that certain items, such as Double Defense, can be obtained as child even when normally adult only, but require becoming an adult first and going back in time; these items are not considered in max% child.

Typically, if an item is obtainable from its source, then that is required. If an item can only be obtained via Item Manipulation, such as RBA or GIM, then that is also allowed. For instance, bottles 2 and 3 can be RBA'd or obtained from their source, so they must be obtained from their source, but bottle 4 can only be RBA'd, so that is allowed. Additionally, duping heart pieces or gold skulltulas is not necessary, as this challenge only cares about which ones you can obtain, not how many you can obtain.

Full item list

  • Stones: All
  • Medallions: Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, and Spirit (RBA)
  • Songs: Zelda's Lullaby, Epona's Song, Sun's Song, Saria's Song, Song of Time, Requiem, Nocturne, Minuet (RBA)
  • Heart Containers: All except for Twinrova's
  • 32 Heart Pieces: 30 real heart pieces, 37th HP, 39th HP
  • Maps/Compasses: All 10 of each
  • Boss Keys: All except for Dodongo's Cavern
  • Ocarina of Time
  • 4 bottles, one of which only through RBA
  • Fairy Slingshot; Bullet Bag 50
  • Bombs; Bomb Bag 40
  • Boomerang
  • Lens of Truth
  • Magic Beans
  • Hookshot
  • Fairy Bow; Quiver 30
  • Megaton Hammer
  • Iron Boots
  • Hover Boots
  • Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, Nayru's Love
  • Kokiri Sword, Master Sword, Giant's Knife
  • Deku Shield, Hylian Shield, Mirror Shield
  • Prescription
  • Zora Tunic
  • Silver Scale
  • Golden Gauntlets
  • Gerudo Card
  • Ice Arrows
  • Giant's Wallet
  • Shard of Agony
  • Mask of Truth
  • 77 Gold Skulltulas

Unobtainable items

  • Light Medallion
  • Longshot
  • Fire and Light Arrows
  • Golden Scale
  • Double Defense
  • Goron Tunic
  • Claim Check
  • Biggoron's Sword
  • Quiver 40/50
  • Song of Storms, Bolero, Serenade, Prelude
  • 1 Heart Container (Twinrova)
  • 6 real heart pieces: 2 from frogs in Zora's River, 2 in adult Zora's Fountain, 1 in Adult Gerudo Fortress chest, 1 from Gerudo Archery

Inventory Overstuffing

In order to obtain many of the items in this category, you must perform Inventory Overstuffing to let child use of items that can normally only be used as adult, namely the Megaton Hammer, Hover Boots, and Iron Boots. Because of how overstuffing works, it is possible to lock yourself out of being able to obtain items, as each item can only be overstuffed when it is first obtained.

Note that while Hover Boots are useable as child for speed gaining tricks like mega jumps, activating the actual hovering mechanic will crash the game.

Deleting items

With RBA, it is possible to delete items. In order to prevent items from being deleted, it is important to never obtain those items until after those bytes are RBA'd. One such item that can be deleted is the Kokiri Sword, which can be deleted with Gerudo Mask RBA. Because of this, it is necessary to leave the forest without ever obtaining a sword. As Fairy Ocarina is needed early on, the best option for leaving the forest is to use Walking While Talking. Video TBA.

Escaping the forest via Lost Woods without a sword is also useful.

Note that the Mirror Shield would also be deleted with this RBA, so it is important to delay that as well.

By doing GIM with a compass chest, it is possible to write to the value which controls whether or not you have the 6 medallions, Bolero of Fire, and Minuet of Forest. Doing this GIM will always cause you to have the Forest, Water, and Spirit Medallions, and the Minuet of Forest, while deleting the Bolero of Fire, as well as the Light, Fire, and Shadow Medallions. It is not possible to obtain Bolero or the Light Medallion, but it is possible to obtain the Fire and Shadow Medallions; therefore, these medallions must be obtained after performing this GIM, as the trick is the only way to acquire Minuet as child.

Bottom of the Well


In normal gameplay, BotW is a child-only area that requires going adult before accessing, as the Song of Storms is required to drain the well. While getting into BotW without Song of Storms is trivial, as it is seen in more traditional speedruns, it is included here for completeness. The most common method of entering BotW is to use a Navi dive, which must be done at night, as there is a wall blocking entrance to the well during the day.

Ice Cavern


By overstuffing Hover Boots, it is possible to chain mega jumps in Zora's Fountain to reach the loading zone to Ice Cavern.

Reaching the map room

Combining a death jump and a bomb boost, it is possible to reach the top ledge in the first silver rupee room. Note that this trick must be done twice: once to collect the rupee and other time to actually go to the map room.

Gerudo Training Grounds


By seamwalking near the archery range and then doing a megaflip, it is possible to unload the lower fortress area and walk into GTG.

Obtaining the Ice Arrows

Using entrance point glitch and carefully walking inside the gates allows Ice Arrows to be obtained.

Fire Temple


Placing Farore's Wind in the Market and doing a DHWW will take you to the Market. Going towards the Temple of Time will you take you to the Fire Temple, as if you had just exited Volvagia's room.

Forest Temple


To enter Forest Temple, repeat the steps for entering Fire Temple above, and then exit the Fire Temple. This takes you to Forest Temple as if you had just exited Phantom Ganon's room. To reach the rest of the temple, you can use a bomb to die, and then save and quit.

Spawning the Compass Chest

Discovered by benstephens56

The flag for the compass chest spawning is whether or not the torch in the room with the chest is lit. In normal gameplay, this happens after defeating the poe in the room, which requires firing arrows at the paintings to spawn the poe. Even with using the bow as child, this will fire slingshot seeds, so killing the poe as child is not possible. However, if you death hole wrong warp to Forest Temple with the compass room loaded before you watch the cutscene in the dungeon of the poes taking away the flames and lowering the elevator, then the torch will already be lit, which immediately spawns the chest. To have the compass room loaded, you can place FW in the Megaton Hammer room in Fire Temple and then do the death hole. Using zombie walking to get back in bounds, it is possible to do a deathwarp and then go through the dungeon to the compass room and open the chest.

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