The Magical Arrows

In Ocarina of Time 3D there are several unused item slots due to changes done to the Interface while porting the game from the Nintendo 64.

With this you're able to get two different effects that are related to the Magical Arrow item slots.

Magical Arrows as Items

Discovered by CloudMax

This requires you to RBA the arrow slot BEFORE you get the arrow. Using a specific method, you are able to get the Ice/Light arrows as separate items.

  1. RBA over a Magical Arrow before you get it.
  2. Get the Magical Arrow.

Due to the slot being used when you get the magical arrow, it'll revert back from a bottle, allowing you to get access to it without the requirement of a bow.

This makes it possible to get the Light Arrow without the bow, but it does however require you to use NewGame+ or Inventory Overstuffing.

Note: If you Bottle Dupe over a Magical Arrow after recieving it, you will loose it in the bow sub-menu as well.

Last updated 07/04/2013 – CloudMax