Gerudo Training Grounds

Enter Gerudo Training Grounds without Gerudo Card

By doing the seam walk near the archery range and megaflipping to unload the lower Gerudo Fortress Area, you can enter.

Reach the Ice Arrows Without Any Keys

Adult Method

Discovered by CloudMax

By performing Hookshot Clips, you can get to any area in the center area without keys, including getting to the Ice Arrow chest.

Child Method

Discovered by benstephens1000

Use entry point glitch with a door in the center area to clip inside one of the gates and then walk to the Ice Arrow area.

Adult Method (MQ)

Entry point glitch is also helpful as adult in Master Quest, as you can set your spawn inside of a wall and walk onto a small piece of collision beside the gate that you can hookshot. Doing a hookshot jump off of this gate allows you to bypass the ceiling and reach the Ice Arrows chest.

Dupe Keys

By doing a Longshot Clip into a corner near the key in the room with the lava and the silver rupees to get into the center area unloaded. By entering and exiting the unloaded room, you can duplicate the actors in the lava room, including the keys.

Last updated 05/16/2017 – erinexplosives