Stasis Reset

A Stasis reset is a type of stasis launch that involves resetting the cooldown timer for the Stasis rune in order to be able to use the rune again without having to wait. This technique can be combined with Stasis launches in order to ride an object, reset the Stasis timer, and then Stasis the object again for a second launch. It can be used repeatedly, so long as you're able to stay on or return to the object, and as long as you still have weapons to hit it with. Staying on the object can be quite difficult, so it's recommended to use this technique only on large objects like big metal slates or big metal boxes. There are several ways of achieving this, although some methods are faster than others.

With a Memory Cutscene

The first way is to enter the + menu, press L/ZL until you get to the Adventure Log, then use the right analog stick to move over to Memories and select one. The memory watched does not matter, and each memory can be used as many times as you're able to. It's important to note that memories will play a skippable cutscene, so it's ideal to press X and + to skip the cutscene as quickly as possible.

With New Item Pop-Up Message

The second way is to pick up an item for the first time, which can be achieved by dropping an object and then using elemental arrows or weapons to change it into a new item. For example, if you drop an apple and then hit it with a fire arrow or Flameblade, it will become a baked apple. The same concept applies to freezing many objects, as well as using an electric weapon/shock arrow on Chu Jelly. Keep in mind that this only works if the item you are changing the initial item into is something you have never previously picked up, as the text box popup is what resets the Stasis cooldown timer. This is the most difficult method, because it relies on Link's ability to grab the object after the Stasis launch has taken place.

With Campfires

The third way is very similar to the previous method, but instead of picking up a new object it involves resting at a campfire. This can be done by placing a bundle of wood on the object, hitting it with a fire arrow or other flame weapon, and then sitting at the fire.

With Amiibo Rune

The fastest way to reset the timer is to simply switch to the Amiibo rune and activate it for the first time by pressing L, triggering a text box that informs you how to use an Amiibo. This method can only be used a single time in a speedrun or playthrough of the game, since the Amiibo tooltip text box only appears upon the rune's first usage.

Last updated 04/19/2019 – Sigmaphied