Damage Boost

A staple in Zelda speedruns. It is possible to Damage Boost to gain height and distance. Remote Bombs are the most practical source for Damage Boosting, resulting in what is commonly called a Bomb Jump.

Normal Method

A Bomb Jump can be combined with a Shield Jump to gain maximum distance, greatly increasing the usability of the technique. While Link is in the shield surfing state it is not possible to drop Remote Bombs. We can circumvent this by unequipping our shield, then mashing L to drop (first input, spawning the bomb below Link) and detonate (second input) a Remote Bomb. For certain Bomb Jump locations Remote Bombs can be placed on the ground prior to the initial jump, as the position of the bomb in relation to Link determines direction of the knockback.

Turnaround Method

Without Shield Jump

In some cases, we may need to Damage Boost around something. This can not be done with the Standard Method, because you cannot turn mid-air. A way around this is to use our Bow mid-air to enter slow motion. If you aim toward your destination, you can drop and detonate a bomb to be sent in that direction. Make sure to Detonate the bomb once the text on the bottom of the screen says "Detonate"

With Shield Jump

If you Shield Jump, de-equip your shield, then pull the bow, detonating a bomb will only damage you in place. If you detonate another after the first, you will be sent flying backwards, so aim away from your destination. For the first bomb, just detonate it as fast as possible, for the second bomb, however, wait for the text "Detonate" to appear before pressing L

Last updated 04/19/2019 – Sigmaphied