Ragdoll Glitch State

Ragdoll Glitch refers to a weird state of Link's physics after unequiping the shield while Link's shield is out (typically after a Shield Jump). In this state, Link will immediately lose all his speed after knocked away. This is problematic at the moment of Stasis Launching or Damage Boosting, since Link will not travel anywhere after performing them.

Ragdoll Glitch persists even if you warp, enter or exit a shrine, load a cutscene or load a savefile, it will basically remain always active until it is removed or the game is closed.

Example of a failed launch

in this example, we induced a glitched state by removing the shield after a Shield Jump. Attempting a launch afterwards resulted in losing all speed.

Removing Ragdoll Glitch

There are different ways of removing this glitched state.

  • Removing the shield during a surfing animation.
  • Getting knocked off a horse after attempting to use a gallop when having none available.
  • Getting damaged in the air from a bomb explosion, enemy attack, etc.
  • Closing the game.
Last updated 08/21/2018 – Sigmaphied