Any% No Amiibo (Outdated)


( Route is Magnesis → cryonis → stasis → bombs → ToT)

Exit Shrine of Resurrection (SoR) and grab the bug + mushroom (remember to crouch so that the bug doesn’t fly away), grab the axe on the way to the tower.

Take hyrule herb + 5 arrows, hit the moblin to take shield (jump in order to cancel attack lag and press a to take the shield mid-air)

Fall damage cancel (throw your weapon and unequip your shield/axe immediately after)

Talking to old man 1 → Up - up - Down - Up for the rest

Enter Magnesis - Pretty straightforward, magnesis the metal-block and press forward in order to push the rock-block beneath it

Talking to the old man 2 --> Down - up - up - down

Warp to SoR and take 3 shrooms on the way to cryonis (eat a shroom on the way to cryonis if you are about to die)

Enter Cryonis, Cryonis Jump (shield jump on the rising ice block and jump, unequip your shield immediately after to get more height.) Exit Cryonis

Shield surf to stasis, eat 1 mushroom on the way to stasis

Stasis Shrine, just stasis the cog as soon as you can move. End stasis before leaving the moving platform and use stasis on the boulder in order to skip the cycle (you normally have to wait for it). Get the hammer and shield jump over the gap on the right of the boulder for this part you want to delay your shield jump in order to get more distance

Launches to bomb shrine (Face away from the object you want to hit in order to get double hits, spin attack until the stasis arrow is red ideally, for plateau trees 5 hits + release + arrow is enough for red.)

Exit bomb shrine → old man cutscene → bomb the rock wall and hit the guardian, run straight to the tree and launch to ToT

Get Paraglider / plateau END

Hyrule Field:

I’m mainly going to write about food here since I have some good videos to show the launches Get 2 hyrule herbs before boulder launch

2 radishes before tree Launch

Get the Phantom Armor before doing the 3rd tree launch (you can skip it if you go for rng but I don’t recommend it especially if you are starting)

IF you don’t have enough food for the 3rd tree launch + slab launch ( 5 hearts) grab the radish by the 3rd tree

Slab Launch to Castle

Videos: Tree Launches Slab Launch (w/ tutorial!)

Learning Height Launches at first can be hard, if you want to use the old bomb launch setup I recommend watching SVAs PB

Hyrule Castle

You want to land inside the room and drop when the “Dining Hall” text appears, loadings will always be shorter if you do this.

Take the Bow, banana, molduga Finn and the Spear with magnesis

Exit the room and unequip your weapon, switch to bomb rune. Leave the bomb so that you break the 2 stone walls (I recommend watching any good player PB to see where they place the bomb)

Grab the sword (grab the rusty sword on the left when you are exiting the room if you are doing the launch to sanctum and you failed any launches, even if you failed one launch the axe WON’T BE ENOUGH to hit the tree, you need to hit the tree 3 times to knock it down with the rusty sword) and wake up the lizalfos by whistle sprinting in front of him, drop a bomb and detonate it as soon as he jumps.

Sprint towards the moblin room and whistle a little bit before entering the room in order to confuse him. Drop quickly if he is looking around confused, run and sneakstrike him. If he is not confused yet just wait until he is and drop. If you were too late and he stopped looking around just drop with the glider all the way down behind him, target him without moving (link will look the moblins way) and sneakstrike. Take Royal Bow, Shield, Claymore and Moblin gut. Break the boxes for arrows and climb out of the room, you will run out of stamina, do zl target in order to walk a bit faster.

Whistle a bit before recovering stamina so that the lizalfos comes out, throw a bomb and switch to the claymore. When he starts playing with the bomb run and sneakstrike him, get the Boomerang.

Faster way (a bit harder): Leave the bomb between the two barrels right beside the room so that when you come back the lizalfos is playing with the bomb,kill the moblin the same way and use the torch to burn the arrow boxes. It might take some practice to learn how to pick up the arrows but it saves quite some time since you take the updraft to the upper floor and don’t have to wait for stamina to regen. If the bomb was placed correctly the lizalfos should be still playing with the bomb, just run and sneakstrike him.

If the lizalfos is not playing with the bomb just whistle and throw the bomb like the other route

Video showing the full sequence: (you don’t need to pick up the extra weapon beside the claymore, that was a mistake and remember to pick up the moblin gut!)

Detonate the bomb and go back to the dining hall, you can run until there’s wood on the floor, walk until you get the endura shroom (if you are doing the tree launch to sanctum grab the radish by the mushroom.)

Crouch in order to get near the moblins, throw a bomb a little bit to the left of the campfire, wait until they start moving, and sneakstrike them, get the stone weapon and use the fire of the campfire or one of the torches to light up the cooking pot with a normal arrow.

Cook the Banana + Molduga Finn + bug + Endura Mushroom + Moblin Gut to get an attack potion.

Exit the room and climb through the window frame (Target and slightly push your stick up in order to stay there) go to the top of the frame and wait until your stamina wheel replenishes, climb up (I recommend watching SVAs PB for this whole section until sanctum)

There are 3 routes to reach sanctum at this point: Old route (safest IMO) : Get the bomb arrow chest → get the guardian to shoot the grass and take the updraft, climb up and run to sanctum while dodging the guardians laser New route with bad arrow rng: Get the bomb arrows, exit through the left and do the launch (Just the launch: New route with good arrow rng: Just go straight for the launch

Switch to the Royal Guard’s Sword / royal guard’s bow / eat the potion and enter the cutscene



1st Phase:

IDEAL FIGHT :For the first phase of this fight you will need to equip Royal Guard’s Sword and quickly climb the wall so that he shoots the laser instead of spawning tornadoes, as soon as he spawns jump away from the wall (jump + stick down) and glide right next to him. If he spawned fast, hit him with the sword 8 times, turn around, equip your royal claymore and hit him 6 times total.

WHAT CAN GO WRONG/ALT STRATS: With slow spawn you have to hit him 7 times (if you hit him 8 times you knock him down and it’s slower), do the same thing but you’ll need 7 claymore hits.

2nd phase:

IDEAL FIGHT He spawns right on top of you, just headshot him as fast as you can so that he doesn’t have a chance to hit you with his attacks, after 3 headshots you will knock him down, when that happens, quickly go under him and switch to your Royal Guard’s Spear, hit him 4 times and position yourself to the right of his tail and charge the spear attack twice, release the attack while targeting windblight and the fight should be over (if you don’t target link will miss the 2nd half of his attacks)


If he spawns right on top of you and you miss the headshot he can either start charging his laser attack or he can throw the tornadoes: If he throws the laser attack just get close to him and do what was previously explained in the document If he throws the tornado, run to the right and, once you get far enough from them, go close to him and repeat the process


1st phase:

IDEAL FIGHT Use the remaining hits of your spear and as soon as it breaks switch to stone smasher, wait for him to attack, as soon as he does, run towards him and position yourself between his body and his extended arm, start spinning until link runs out of stamina. When you do, just hit him twice and do a jump attack

WHAT CAN GO WRONG/ALT STRATS if your positioning was off and you missed ton of hits or if you just started spinning late just release the attack before he attacks to knock him down, hit him as much as you can and as soon as he respawns spin attack until he dies.

2nd Phase:

IDEAL FIGHT at the beginning of this fight he can either go left or right, just stay on the center and run as soon as he goes to either side, when he goes left headshot him twice from the side (if you don’t he falls toward the upper part of sanctum and you can’t spin attack him) then spin attack 2 times and release, when he goes to the right headshot him twice from the front and repeat the process I wrote this asumming he would go left first but basically you have to spin 3 times the first time you knock him down and twice the second time no matter what side he goes to

WHAT CAN GO WRONG sometimes when you release a spin attack you only hit blight once instead of twice, you have to watch out for that since that will mean you’ll have to spin one more time the 2nd time you knock him down, to avoid this you can attack the main part of the body as opposed to his arm.


1st phase:

IDEAL FIGHT as soon as the fight starts go towards him and start spinning as fast as you can, spin 3 times and then release. Do this twice and switch to your royal guard’s sword, hit him until the sword breaks.


You might get 1 hit when releasing the spin attack, if that happens the royal guard sword might not be enough so as soon as it breaks switch to boomerang and keep attacking. If you are too slow/fast to release the spin attack you won’t knock him down, try to headshot him as fast as you can, if you don’t headshot him and he throws fire at you, you can just shield it and headshot him, after that, just repeat the process (spin 3 times, release, royal sword)

2nd phase:

IDEAL FIGHT switch to stone smasher and royal bow. Go to the middle of the sanctum and place the bomb in the middle of the triforce, then try to position yourself right in front fireblight and look away from him, detonate the bomb when it’s right behind him. If you positioned yourself correctly then fireblight should fall right behind you. Start spinning until the stone smasher breaks, hit him a few times with the boomerang before he despawns. After he spawns again just do a spin attack with royal claymore until he’s dead.

ALT STRATS If you position yourself incorrectly then just run up to him, you should be able to land a good amount of hits but the stone smasher won’t break most likely, if this happens, spin with the smasher until it breaks and switch to the claymore, spin until he dies Remember to release the spin if he is about to attack you


1st Phase

IDEAL FIGHT: here lots of things can happen, I recommend watching multiple PBs here in order to learn how to deal with all the different stuff. One important detail however is that you want your last hit to be when he is rising up (example :

The way I like to do 1st phase is:

If he goes up into the air and throw the electric balls: Break his shield → headshot him while in the air → hit him 4 times with boomerang → headshot him again while in the air → hit him 4 times with claymore and break his shield with a slam → hit him 4 times with the boomerang (just delay your last hit and target him when he is going up) If he attacks you: Backflip as soon as he moves and throw the boomerang to break his shield → pick up the boomerang and hit him 4 times → hit him 4 times again → headshot him in the air → claymore hit x4 + shield break → hit him twice (again, delay the last hit)

2nd Phase:

IDEAL FIGHT: throw the boomerang at him as soon as the pillar start making the lightning sound, quickly pick it up and run towards him, hit him 4 times with the boomerang. This will either break his shield or force him to go into the air. If you did end 1st phase when he was rising up, this will break his shield quickly, jump backwards without targeting him and switch to royal claymore. Start spinning and get double hits, even if you don’t, just spin and release when he is about to die. If he goes into the air just headshot him and switch to claymore, spin 4 times and release to break his shield. He will bounce off the ground and as he lands, switch to boomerang and hit him till he dies.


1st phase IDEAL FIGHT: Go close to him and wait for him to attack, dodge his attack and do a flurry rush, hit him with the boomerang as many times as you can, afterwards run towards the items to your right and pick up the royal sword + 10 bomb arrows, quickly switch to royal guards bow + bomb arrows and start shooting him while moving to the left, after 4 shots you should be on top of the royal claymore. Pick it up and keep shooting until you have no more arrows and flurry rush him to death (if you want to play it safe just save 2 bomb arrows in case he goes to the wall.)

2nd Phase IDEAL FIGHT: If he does not laser immediately just go near him so that he attacks you, flurry rush him and hit him as many times as you can with the royal sword, as soon as the flurry rush ends, run in the opposite direction of him to force him to laser. Deflect the laser and hit him 3 times with the royal sword, quickly switch to the royal claymore you used at blights and start spinning until you are positioned on the latter half of his body ,throw the weapon after you finished spin attacking and switch to the other claymore, keep spin attacking until he dies (In order to stunlock him you want to start spinning when your stamina wheel is at ¾ and you want to release when his head is about to go up.)

I recommend watching Rasen’s no amiibo PB, his calamity fight is amazing. He had bad luck on 2nd phase, but the only difference with the guides 2nd phase is that he uses the most recent claymore first which can be risky if you don’t know the weapons durability well, I’d say both methods are equally fast so it’s better to use the guides method.

Why is there no what if the fight goes wrong? Because calamity is RNG overall and bad RNG is mainly him going to the wall, on 1st phase you might run out of arrows and he will keep going to the wall so you’ll have to wait till he throws a reflectable attack, same thing for 2nd phase but this time not even arrows work. Each deflectable attack has different parry timings so that can only be learnt through practice, I recommend knowing how to parry each attack!

non deflectable attacks: thunder pillars (just run away), tornadoes (run away from calamity) ice pillars (use cryonis)

Last updated 09/15/2020 – Nova A