Stasis Launch

Stasis Launch is a very useful technique for overworld movement. After building a large object with momentum and getting hit right after stasis wears off, Link will get launched very quickly. The speed can be kept even after pulling out the Paraglider, allowing Link to glide very fast in a certain direction.

Performing a Stasis Launch

  • Stasis the object you wish to launch off.
  • Face away from the object and build momentum with a two-handed weapon (facing away let's you easily net double hits).
  • Position yourself for the launch.
  • Wait and jump right before the stasis timer wears off (timing depends on the object, position, etc.)
  • Mash or time a Paraglider pull after getting launched.

Height Launch

By hitting an arrow high enough so the object flies in a 45° angle Link can get a lot of height while still mantaining horizontal speed. This is the most useful and common way of performing launches.

Tree Height Launches

Trees are a very common object used for launches because of how easy it is to find them in the overworld. Because of their different shapes and forms there are different methods used for height launching. Even though the set ups are different, all of them are able to reach the same speed and/or height.

Vertical Height Launch (VHL)

This is the most common method of setting up a tree height launch. Cut the tree towards the direction you want to launch to, using stasis at a certain time will allow Link to stand on top of the tree while waiting for stasis to wear off. One of the biggest advantages of using this methos is that it allows for more precision on the direction of the launch.

Horizontal Height Launch (HHL)

Unlike a VHL, this method cuts the tree perpendicular to the direction you want to go. The advantage of this method is being able to net double hits on a tree more consistently, though it is a bit slower.

Ground Height Launches (GHL)

This kind of launches are done with a tree completely on the ground instead of being stasis'd mid-air like previous ones. In order to get an upwards angle you can use either a tree stump or a bomb to force the camera down and be able to shoot an arrow.

Stone Height Launch

It is also possible to perform a height launch with the small stones. Pick up the stone, then activate the stasis run, Link will immediately drop the stone, making it possible to stasis mid-air. It might be necessary to use a bomb to bring the camera down to shoot the arrow, though it is possible without it. This type of height launch is very rare in runs.

Double Launch

It's possible to gain even more height while doing a stasis launch with certain objects, like slabs. This kind of objects are large enough to let Link stand on them after launching, then use the remaining momentum to do a regular stasis launch off it.

Last updated 08/22/2018 – Sigmaphied