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This Category has a very good tutorial series by Limcube (Note: Segment 6 of Limcubes tutorial is outdated, we now use wind bombs to move through bombs shrine and to get to the beetle, also box launching is now a possibility to get to bombs shrine)

The Great Plateau

Leaving Shrine of Resurrection:
  • Skip Cutscene, get the Shiekah Tablet, activate Terminal and clip out of the Shrine of Resurrection. Whistle sprint until you reach the wall behind the send pillar, do 2 climb jumps whistle sprint until stamina is full and then do 3 climb jumps, now whistle sprint up to the black texture on the ground and crouch, then hold B and forward to clip out of the ground.

You have two options now:

  • (1)For fast and harder strat just run over the hill and jump when you are near the edge of the cliff then get the axe in the tree.

  • (2)Easier strat with backup food: Sprint and whistle sprint straight towards the tall part of the Temple of Time, make sure to jump over the snowy pit near the top of the hill; it slows you down a lot. Make sure that you are whistling when you get close to the boko camp and that you stop whistling as soon as you see their question marks, even if this means you have to walk instead. Jump down the hill towards the right side of the pine tree and pick spam A to pick up the spicy peppers, then move to the left of the tree to get the next peppers. Make sure that you are running while you are doing this as the bokos have noticed you by now. Sprint to the left side of the cooking pot to collect the pot lid, and then head towards the two mushrooms to your right, collect them and get the third one behind them. Whistle sprint to the wall until link grabs it, then do one climb jump. Do a shield surf aiming for the axe in the tree, jump over the rocky ground, and end your surf with B just before you get to the axe..

Movement to Stasis:
  • Head up the hill until Zelda starts nagging us about some objective we're never going to complete anyway, keep heading up the hill and shield jump(not surf) over the all the snowy patches near the top of the hill. Sprint and whistle sprint along the right side of the wall until the cliff is to your left. grab onto it and do two climb jumps. Whistle sprint to the wooden chest and obtain 5 arrows. While you are getting them turn your camera down so link is visible from the top (this is very important because the boko with the bow will shoot you and you will die if you are looking at it). Sprint to the boko with the bow hit is twice with the axe and press X and A in quick sucsesion to pick up the bow. If you did the hard strat, hit the boko with the shield twice and then press X and A to pick up its shield. (Note: If you get the boko to try and block your attack with its shield, one hit will be enough) Now you have to shield surf away to the left, make sure you are surfing on the small strip of snow in between the two rocky parts (use throw aim to align yourself). Surf down the slope and jump when you are on the little ridge, then jump before the slope in front of the rock wall and end your shield surf. Jump onto the rock wall(don't sprint jump) and perform 3 climb jumps and then transition into whistle sprinting. If you have half a heart at the top of the wall you must eat one backup food otherwise you will die. Sprint and whistle sprint to the Stasis Shrine. Clip into Stasis.



Hyrule Field

• Here you will do some Tree Launches from Hyrule Field to Hyrule Castle. • This is where doing Bombs first comes into play, at the 3rd and last tree launch enemies could spawn if you’re not fast enough. Doing Bombs first saves the in-game time so it delays the enemies spawn. • After your in the Hyrule Castle Town Ruins, you will do a Slab Stasis Launch into Hyrule Castle If you have trouble with the Stasis Launches after, here are some tutorial videos: 2nd tree launch slab launch

(This is where DLC comes into play, if you have DLC you will Grab the attack up 1 Phantom Armor in the Sacred Ground Ruins next to the 3rd tree Stasis Launch.) If you don’t have DLC you can take the Banana RNG route

Hyrule Castle

  • Go into the Dining Hall and grab the Royal Bow atop the chandelier. Run to right and pick up a Banana next to some Moblins and Magnesis the Royal Guard’s Spear in the fireplace.

  • Quickly run left out the door and through the hallway on the right, continue to the end of the hallway and blow up the 2 walls, once blown up get the Royal Guard’s Sword in the upper left area.

  • Whistle Sprint very close to the Lizafols in the other blown up wall so he can notice you, then Whistle Sprint down the hallway on the right. Jump down, run behind the Moblin and Sneak Kill it. (This method to kill the Moblin is semi-precise with movement and timing, if you can’t get it down just Paraglide behind the Moblin and Sneak Attack it like that)

  • Get the Royal Guard’s Bow next to the Moblin and then get the Royal Claymore and Moblin Guts off the floor.

  • Above you should be boxes, smash these boxes as they drop arrows needed for the Blight fights coming up.

  • Climb back up to the higher level using the post next to you, then Whistle Sprint back down the hallway. If you got lucky and got shock arrows, shock the Lizafols and take its Tri-Boomerang + Shield. If you didn’t get shock arrows then whistle, throw a bomb and wait till the Lizafols starts kicking it around, then Sneak Attack with Royal Claymore.

  • Run back down the Hallway and into the Dining Hall again, slow walk/crouch to the right and pick up a Razzorshroom, then crouch-jump to the Moblins and throw a bomb at them so they could kick it around, then once again use the Royal Claymore to Sneak Attack kill both of them. Optionally you could pick up the Raw Gourmet Meat for healing.

  • Pick up the Stone Smasher from the Moblin and light the cooking pot with a fire arrow from the campfire. Cook the Mighty Elixir (Bug + Moblin Guts + Banana + Razzorshroom)

  • Now going down left you go back into the Outside area and use the Window on the left and carefully climb up it holding ZL.

  • Now climb up to the top, once on the top walk to the right until your stamina regenerates and then climb up the walls on the left. Run to the little Chamber area on the left for a chest with 5x bomb arrows. Go back outside from the chamber and use the Guardian’s laser to create an updraft to an upper area. Then make a slight left again and use the Guardian next to you to create another updraft to the Sanctum, if you’re too late to create another updraft just use the wall in front of you to climb.


Windblight - Starting off with Windblight you’re going to climb the wall right behind you until Windblight teleports away then spawns back, drink the Mighty Elixir once Windblight starts his gun- attack, jump off the wall and fly to him using the Paraglider. Hit him with the Royal Guard’s Sword until he topples. Switch to the Royal Claymore, hit him 3 times with a spin attack then smash it into the ground. To enter 2nd phase shoot him once with the Royal Guard’s Bow immediately after he gets back up.

  • In 2nd phase get 3 headshots as soon as you can so he can topple from the air, switch to the Royal Guard’s Spear and stab him 4 times, hold Y until you hear 2 charge sounds and let go, for this is finish off Windblight you have to be a certain distance away from him.

Waterblight - Now onto Waterblight, first off use the durability left on the spear and let it break on Waterblight now switch to the Stone Smasher. Once he starts an attack run onto the TriForce design piece on the floor to the left, place yourself around the bottom left of it and start a spin attack, this will allow you get double hits thus equaling more damage. When your almost out of Stamina end the spin attack and let the last attack smash him. If he won’t get into 2nd phase just hit him a few more times and he should go into 2nd phase.

  • Now in 2nd phase Windblight can ethier spawn in the middle, the left side or the right side. Which side he does spawn on doesn’t really matter. Just shoot him twice with headshots until he topples from the air, then spin attack him with the Stone Smasher. Repeat this until he is dead.

Fireblight - Fireblight’s 1st phase can be a little tricky. Run to him at the VERY start so he doesn’t insta kill you, Spin Attack with the Stone Smasher for only 3 hits then smash it into the ground so he gets stunned. Immediately after repeat the Spin Attack and he should topple. Then switch to the Royal Guard’s Sword and hit him until it breaks and 2nd phase starts.

  • In 2nd phase switch to the Royal Claymore and then place a Bomb where Fireblight spawns, forcing him to topple on the floor. Spin attack him until you’re almost out of Stamina. Repeat the Spin Attacks until he is dead.

Thunderblight - In 1st Phase Thunderblight you’re going to hope for him to start off by going into the air and throwing lightning balls at you, once this happens switch to the Lizal Tri-Boomerang and throw it at his shield, immediately after shoot him with a headshot. Pick back up the Boomerang and hit Thunderblight with it until he gets back up, then hit him again with a headshot. Once again hit him with the Boomerang until his Shield breaks, then Switch to the Royal Claymore and spin attack him into 2nd phase.

  • In 2nd Phase he’ll spawn down lightning rods, as soon as his lightning starts throw the Boomerang at his shield again, then shoot him with a headshot. Once he topples get the Boomerang and start hitting him again, If his shield breaks switch to the Royal Claymore and that should finish him off. If he goes back into the air just headshot him again and finish him off with the Royal Claymore.

Calamity Ganon

Calamity Ganon - Start off by going to the left and bullet timing Calamity Ganon’s sword attack with the Lizal Tri-Boomerang, immediately after start running down left and get a Royal Broadsword and 10x Bomb Arrows, Shoot Bomb Arrows and get headshots at Calamity while going left to get another Royal Claymore. If Calamity gives you Lasers just reflect them.

  • Keep spamming Bomb Arrows and any left over arrows at Calamity to get him into 2nd phase, if your Royal Guard’s Bow breaks then Switch over to the Royal Bow.

  • At the start of 2nd phase hope for him to give you a Laser Attack so you can start the Stun Lock earlier, if he doesn’t give you a Laser at the start just wait it out for him to give you one and reflect it.

  • Once you start the stunlock the Royal Claymore should last about 5-6 smashes on the ground until it breaks, then switch out to the Stone Smasher or any other double hander that you have. Then just repeat the Stunlock until Calamity is dead.

Dark Beast Ganon

Beast Ganon - Nothing really to say about this fight other than just do it the way you’d normally do it. - Timing ends on final shot to the eye.

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