Any% (Outdated)

The optimal route uses Toon Link, Smash Link and Guardian amiibo. The route option without amiibo is roughly 40s slower.


Hyrule Field

  • Paraglide towards the boulder (optional : grab more Hyrule Herbs)
  • Stasis Launch to Hyrule Field
  • Amiibo only: Spawn epona
  • Travel to the crate
  • No Amiibo and DLC1 only: To avoid Lv3 potion RNG, grab Attack Armor from DLC Chest
  • Launch to the Dining Hall
  • Hyrule Castle cutscene

Hyrule Castle

  • Grab the Bow with Magnesis
  • Grab the Banana
  • Grab the Moldarquor Tail
  • Grab the Spear with Magnesis
  • Exit the Dining Hall and go grab the Sword
  • Wake up the Lizalfos
  • Sneak behind the Moblin, backstab him, grab GreatSword, Bow and Shield
  • Set boxes on fire, grab arrows (RNG)
  • Updraft, run to Lizalfos, backstab him, grab Boomerang
  • Go back to Dining Hall, grab Attack Mushroom
  • Toss a Bomb, Backstab, Cook a Lv3 Attack Potion
  • Grab GreatSword
  • Amiibo only: Exit Castle with Stasis Launch
  • No Amiibo only: If fire arrow, get Spicy Shroom and create updraft, else climb
  • No Amiibo only: Grab 5 Bomb arrows, bait lasers to create 2 updrafts
  • Enter Ganon Fight


Last updated 09/15/2020 – Nova A