Lake Shrines

Shrine Locations

There are 6 shrines in the Lake region.
Lake Map

Ishto Soh Shrine

Shield Bomb Jump

It is possible to reach the end of this shrine with a single Shield Bomb Jump off of a lamp.

A Bomb High Jump will also work.

Shield Jumps

If the Shield Bomb Jump is too hard, you can also use simple shield jumps to jump over all the platforms needed to reach the end.

Ka'o Makagh Shrine

It is possible to skip moving the metal door by performing a Shield Bomb Jump.

Jumping off of a chest to the end thanks to a Shield Bomb Jump will work as well.

If you choose not to do that and carry the door, you can avoid getting on top of the squared elevations by placing the door the following way:

BotW: Ka'o Makagh

Pumaag Nitae Shrine

This is a Minor Test of Strength Shrine.

Shae Katha Shrine

This is a Blessing Shrine.

Shoqa Tatone Shrine

This is a Modest Test of Strength Shrine.

Ya Naga Shrine

Bomb Skip

It is possible to skip breaking the blocks on the ceiling, by, with the right timing, doing a running jump as the boulder rises up.

Without it, this is what a speedrun example would look like.

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