Faron Shrines

Shrine Locations

There are 8 shrines in the Faron region.
Faron Map

Kah Yah Shrine

Key Skip

It is possible to completely skip the key of this shrine.

With Octo Balloons or Stasis

By grabbing a barrel and placing it somewhat close to the wall with the key door, you'll be able to either use stasis on it or to attach octo balloons on it in order to get past the wall. If you use stasis you'll need to first place a cube bomb on the floor, then the barrel on top of it and stasis it without it falling off.

With Shield Jumps

Grab the same barrel and walk across the moving platform with it. Place it next to the candle sticking out of the pillar, and perform a shield jump in order to get on top of it. Right before landing, make sure to remove your shield so you don't slide off of it. From there, jump on top of the pillar, and once on it, make your way to the end by jumping on the next two and then performing a shield jump over the fence.

With Shield Jumps Without the Barrel

This is considerably trickier than the previous method. It is possible to make it on a candle without a barrel.

Barrel Skip

You can skip bringing a barrel to the switch in order to keep it activated.

With a Spear Throw

By throwing a spear, it is possible to get it to land on the switch, activating it and keeping it in place.

With a Shield High Jump

It is also possible to position yourself in front of the platform with the switch on top and perform a shield high jump to get on it and activate the switch. Then use stasis to keep the switch pressed and run back in order to collect the key.

Korgu Chideh Shrine

This is a Blessing Shrine.

Muwo Jeem Shrine

This is a Modest Test of Strength Shrine.

Qukah Nata Shrine

This is a Blessing Shrine.

Shai Utoh Shrine

Last Puzzle Skip

You can reach the end of the shrine by having the metal chest launch you up from the middle platform.

Shield Jumps

By shield jumping you can skip using stasis on all the platforms. As for the middle platform, you can simply skip it by jumping on the inclined wall and making it up without jumping from the platform itself, but it is not 100% consistent. While it is possible to skip using stasis on the last two, it's not recommended since it barely saves time and can be pretty tricky.

Shoda Sah Shrine

Key Skip

First place a bomb next to one of the switches. Both will work but the left one could give you some trouble since you may later get blocked off by the vertically moving platforms.

If you position yourself high on the launchers, you'll be able to make it to the platforms containing the other launchers. If you can't get it consistently, jumping right as you detonate the bomb and get launched up will help you.

Once you make it there, jump and quickly pull out the paraglider. Link will perform a dive and then start gliding. Do a Bomb Jump with the right timing while gliding and you'll be able to go across the fence, making it straight to the end.

It is barely faster, but you can also make it straight to the end with a Bomb High Jump. You do not need to detonate the bomb, but that requires getting a higher jump.

A slightly slower method consists on performing a cryonis shield jump over the fence.

Tawa Jinn Shrine

This is a Blessing Shrine.

Yah Rin Shrine

Puzzle Skips

You can skip every puzzle of this shrine thanks to the metal box at the beginning. Both stasis and octo balloons will work, although stasis may be a bit hard since there's an invisible ceiling lower than it looks that can give you trouble if you hit the box a little too hard.

You can also skip the puzzles individually.

For the first one, make it on top of the metal box and shield jump to the next level.

You can skip placing the metal chest on the switch by throwing a weapon on it that you can then pick back up.

The third puzzle can be done quickly by raising the first left platform up a little, jumping on it and from there to the left platform of the other scale. Then stasis the right one so you can jump on it and make it to the end of the shrine.

Here's a video demonstrating them all:

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