Any% Beginners Guide (Outdated)


  • Leave the shrine of ressurection ( do not whistle sprint in the stairs)
  • Grab the bladed rhino beetle and the Hylian shroom ( crouch to not scare it)
  • Grab the Axe
  • Pick up 1 Hyrule herb and 2 Apples
  • Get as many arrows as you can and steal the bokoblin shield with a dash attack cancel
  • Activate the Great Plateau Tower
  • Jump off the tower do a fall damage cancel
  • Talk to the King ( Up, Up, Down, Up )
  • Go to the Magnesis Shrine ( Oman Au)
  • Oman Au
  • Second talk with the King ( Down, Up, Up, Down)
  • Run to the Bomb shrine ( Ja Baiji)
  • Ja Baiji
  • Warp to the shrine of ressurection. Skip the sheika slate cutscene
  • Exit the shrine once again and go to your left
  • Grab the Hylian shrooms and climb the mountain
  • Shield surf to the bridge
  • Shield Jump over the river
  • Climb the mountain
  • Keh Namut
  • Shield surf down to Mount Hylia and make your way around it
  • Climb down the cliff
  • Owa Daim
  • Stasis travel with the boulder
  • Climb Temple of Time
  • Paraglider

Hyrule Field

you can glide down the Forest of Spirits and grab 10 arrows near to cooking pot

Hyrule Castle

  • Land in the dining hall (if you dont have the dlc, land in the watch tower nearby and get the Mighty Banana from the wooden crates)
  • Get the Royal Bow from atop the chandelier
  • Pick up the Mighty Banana and the Molduga Fin
  • Get the Royal Guard Spear from the fireplace
  • Run left out the door and through the hallway on the right
  • Blow up both walls with a bomb and get the Royal Guard Sword
  • Sprint near the other blow up wall so the Lizalfo will notice you. Drop a bomb and make it explode once you're far enough
  • Go on the right and slowly glide down behind the moblin to sneak strike him with the Royal Guard Sword
  • Get the Royal Guard Bow, the Rusty Shield and the Royal Claymore
  • Go to the wooden crates and break them to get some arrows (you might want to safety save before breaking the crates in case of bad arrow rng)
  • Climb back to the other level and whistle so the Lizalfo notices you again
  • Throw a square bomb to distract him and sneak strike him with the Royal Claymore
  • Go back to the dining hall and get the Razorshroom
  • Crouch and get close of the Moblins near the campfire
  • Throw a square bomb to distract them and sneak strike them with the Royal Claymore
  • Pick up a monster part from them (preferably a moblin guts)
  • Lit an arrow with the campfire and shoot it at the cooking pot
  • Cook a potion (beetle, mighty banana, razorshroom, molduga fin and the monster part)
  • Make your way out to the balcony and climb the wall
  • Get the 5 bomb arrows chest in the watch tower
  • Use the guardians laser to create updrafts
  • Climb the last wall
  • Sanctum


  • Windblight
  • Waterblight
  • Fireblight
  • Thunderblight
  • Calamity
    • During the fight you want to pick up:
      • A Royal Broadsword
      • A Royal Guard Shield
      • 10 Bomb arrows
      • A Royal Claymore
    • On phase 1 you want to get as many headshots as you can. Feel free to Flurry Rush if you're in a tight situation.
    • On phase 2 you want to parry either a laser, a fire ball or a spear to bring him down and start the stunlock
  • Dark Beast
Last updated 09/15/2020 – Nova A