Bullet Time Glitches

Bullet-Time Bounce

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Bullet-time bounce (abbr. BTB) is currently the fastest-known method of overworld movement in the game. When Link lands on a ragdolling enemy with his shield while aiming his bow in slow-down (a.k.a. bullet-time), Link will bounce off of the enemy at vastly accelerated speed.

Bullet-Time Effects

Some interactions are not properly slowed down by bullet-time, but will be re-converted to normal speed like everything else; this causes these interactions to be roughly 20 times more potent than how they are intended to function in real-time. These interactions include:

  • Link interacting with ragdolling enemies (this is what causes Bullet-Time Bounces to work)
  • Enemies being raised by growing Cryonis pillars
  • Link being shoved by a growing horizontal Cryonis pillar

Performing a Bullet-Time Bounce

The type of enemy being used will determine what is required for a Bullet-Time Bounce to work. Red Bokoblins require the least preparation, as landing on them will force them into the ragdoll required to make Link bounce; any other higher tiered Bokoblin will require either being frozen beforehand or a well-timed headshot during the bullet-time (though the latter method is highly inconsistent).

To perform a Bullet-Time Bounce, reach a spot where Link overlooks the target enemy. Perform a neutral shield-jump; this is done by pressing Y to swing a two-handed weapon, holding ZL+forward+A, and pressing X. While falling, press ZR to pull out your bow and trigger bullet-time. After landing on the enemy, disengage bullet-time by pressing Y, pressing B twice, or force-unequipping your bow. Link will ricochet in a direction dependent on which body part he lands on.

The potency of the bounce is dependent on how early after the bounce the player cancels bullet-time. Canceling on the first frame Link’s shield makes contact with the enemy will yield the best possible boost. The force-unequipping method can be used to pause buffer, making it the easiest to get an early cancel with.

While in the Air

Sometime after starting the bounce, Link will be able to pull his paraglider. While gliding, Link can put away his paraglider and pull it out again; since he’s on a shield, this will not affect Link’s speed and saves stamina at the cost of height. If the player presses B while the paraglider is not out, Link will put away his shield; in turn, this will immediately halt Link’s forward speed.

Without the Paraglider, surviving a bullet-time bounce necessitates a Fall Damage Cancel or landing in deep water. If the player has a flat enough angle for their bounce, putting away the shield will reset Link’s fall speed, giving a safer window to Fall Damage Cancel.

Shield Skipping

Shield Skipping refers to a technique that allows Link to survive landing on the ground and continue moving forward on his shield. If Link is facing away from a slope he is about to land on, he can harmlessly bounce off of it and preserve his forward speed. Due to this technique’s highly inconsistent nature, it is typically used as a last resort to survive a low BTB angle.


  • When landing on Bokoblins, the lower back is typically the preferred landing spot, as it gives an ideal balance of height and horizontal speed.
  • Triggering bullet-time will reduce Link’s forward momentum, potentially affecting where on the enemy’s body he lands on.
  • Making the most use out of the Paraglider coming out of bounce requires being in bullet-time as little as possible in order to preserve stamina. In these cases, activate bullet-time the very moment before Link’s shield makes contact, and disengage directly after the bounce.
  • Bullet-Time Bounces are also possible with normal shield-jumps, but these are not advised due to the inconsistent nature of timing the shield-surf input in mid-air.

written by PuppetMaster9

A list of all known setups can be found here

Cryo Bounce

Similar to a bullet time bounce, it's possible to gain a lot of speed abusing a rising cryonis block, although the requirements are a bit more specific. This also needs an elevated waterfall cause even if this trick grants a lot of speed, it's only horizontal down.

To perform this trick:

  • have a shield, a bow and arrows equiped
  • place a cryo block on the waterfall and stand on it
  • stand on the block as far back and away from the waterfall as possible (hold target to not fall off)
  • this part is a bit tricky and requires practice:
    • hold target, make another cryo block next to the one link is standing on and higher, hold up, shieldjump directly into the expanding cryo block and pull out the bow when link hits the cryo block
    • if you pull the bow to early, it wont come out, if you pull the bow too late you miss the block
    • cancel bullet time by pulling out the paraglider to enjoy the speed
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