Vah Medoh

1st Terminal

Mash B for all the bird squabble and sprint jump over the left side of the malice in front of you. Use the air draft to glide to the climbable wall and then glide into the left wing. Shoot the crystal in the back and the malice eye guarding the pedestal. Sprint up the slope to your right until you can see the malice eye through the hole that was opened. Shoot it and then use the air draft from the opening to glide to the first Terminal.

2nd Terminal

Now Jump out of the hole down to where you shot the malice eye and use the draft to propel you upwards, now glide to the other hole in the wing go through it and obtain the 2nd Terminal.

3rd Terminal

Jump back out of the hole and immediately hold backwards to reach the 3rd pedestal underneath. Leap out of the small room and perform a midair wind bomb to get back to the air current. Use it to glide towards the neck of Vah Medoh to get to the other air current on the other side. Shoot the malice eye near the wingtip in front of you and use the air current to get inside of the small room with the 3rd pedestal. Right before you activate it, shoot the malice eye on the other side of the bars.

4th Terminal

The door will open, shoot the crystal in the back with an arrow; a chest will fall down, hit it with a heavy double handed weapon(such as the iron sledgehammer) to obtain 10 ice arrows. Use stasis on the large object and hit it 3 times. Then use magnesis on the small metal module behind it and pull it, until it opens the Gate. Then unstasis the large object and activate the last pedestal. Leave Vah Medoh through the air vent an use the air draft to your left to get to the main terminal.

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