Armos Room

After entering this room, pull out your sword and walk forward a bit. Then do a jumpslash quickspin to kill the two inside armos'. Then backup slightly and do a backflip quickspin to kill the outside two. After killing all of them, switch to Ice Arrows on your bow before the door opens.

Moblin Rom

If you pulled a bomb before entering this door, immediately throw it to the right. Then quickly shoot an Ice Arrow at the right moblin and the bomb should shatter it. Afterwards, take out your sword and do a jumpslash quickspin on the left moblin to finish him off. Before the door opens, change to regular arrows.

Triple Wizzrobe Room

Each of the wizzrobes in this room have 3 health. Because of this, if one spawns near the door (and if you pulled out a bomb before opening the door), you can quickly kill it by throwing your bomb at it. The easiest way to tell where to throw is by where Link turns his head. For the remaining wizzrobes, spam them each with three regular arrows.

Blue Bokoblin Room

Walk forward until you're near all of the blue bokoblins and keep slashing your sword until all of them have been hit at least once. Then perform a quickspin. Change to Ice Arrows before the door opens.

Double Darknut Fight

Begin by running over to the darknut facing away from Link. Knock off his armor from the back, then shoot him with an Ice Arrow (untargeted) and pull out the skull hammer to smash him with a skull hammer jumpslash. The other darknut should have come over by now. Wait to parry the darknut and then shoot it with an Ice Arrow, and as with the previous one, smash it with a skull hammer jumpslash.

Last updated 01/30/2018 – gymnast86