Orange Wizzrobe

The Orange Wizzrobe only appears in Wind Temple as the miniboss guarding the Hookshot.

Light Arrows

If you're doing a run that has light arrows while fighting this miniboss, you can simply use light arrows to defeat all three enemies. To start, shoot the darknut as both wizzrobes will have dissappeared. After you shoot the darknut either perform a jumpslash quickspin on the yellow wizzrobe if it's close, or shoot it with a light arrow if it's far away. Then prep another light arrow and wait for the Orange Wizzrobe to spawn before shooting it also.

Normal Strategy

The Orange Wizzrobe will spawn both a regular wizzrobe and a darknut before the fight begins, then disappear. Ideally the regular wizzrobe will spawn on the ground and can be killed quickly with a jumpslash quickspin. If the regular wizzrobe spawns either in the air or on one of the platforms, you can chain four fast consecutive arrow shots to kill it. After the regular wizzrobe is gone, either knock the armor off of the darknut, or parry him to take off his armor to perform the ice arrow skull hammer combo. By now the Orange Wizzrobe should have spawned again. If the Orange Wizzrobe is on the ground, a jumpslash quickspin will get rid of it swiftly, if it spawns above ground or on a platform quickly shoot it with an ice arrow and then follow up with a fire arrow to shatter the Orange Wizzrobe.

Note: Since the Orange Wizzrobe's hitbox is at his base, you'll probably need to aim the fire arrow shot slightly lower than you think.

Last updated 01/30/2018 – gymnast86