Early Light Arrows


Normally, you have to wait until the very end of the game to obtain light arrows from Ganon's Tower after having gone through the overworld, completed the five dungeons, and collected the Triforce. However, by performing the Barrier Skip sequence break it is possible to head on into Ganon's Tower much earlier than intended, allowing early access to the light arrows provided that some conditions are met.


  • You must have the Master Sword in Link's inventory. The Master Sword is required to strike Phantom Ganon so the light arrow chest can spawn. If you only have the hero's sword, then you cannot hit Phantom Ganon.
  • You need magic and a quiver to be able to shoot light arrows.
  • You need to perform Trials Skip in Ganon's Tower as completing the trials is not possible if you enter Ganon's Tower early.
Last updated 01/31/2019 – azer67