No MSS (Bombs Skip)

Play on Italian if you have a PAL Wii U or Spanish if you have an NTSC Wii U. If you have Japanese Wii U...I'm sorry but you'll have to use Japanese.

This is the fastest no MSS route.

It is recommended to read this page of common yet subtle techniques as well as this page on common terms and abbreviations before getting started.

It is best to learn from both this written route and by watching a high level run of the game as not every single small detail is explained in this route (otherwise this document would be like 50 pages long).

Please feel free to join our discord server if you have questions about anything in the run.

Outset Island

  1. Start in normal mode
  2. Sidehop off tower
  3. Roll to grandma's house, climb ladder, Hero's Clothes, Savewarp
  4. Climb Ladder, Aryll Cutscene, Telescope, zoom in on mailbox/Quill
  5. Cutscene, Sidehop off tower, roll to Orca's House
  6. Sword training, For Orca's text (and all other fast text) Hold B and Mash A
    • Hold back on analog stick right before third hit and hold forward right before fourth sword hits of first two techniques
    • Quickspins for spin attack
    • Quick Parry (Activate the Parry the first two frames you can activate it, next one should appear early)
  7. Sword, Savewarp
  8. Roll up to FoF (Forest of Fairies), Get Pause Storage either here (blind movement), or after luring a bokoblin near the entrance and leaving as he dies (slower but not blind)
  9. Quickspin the log to get the red rupee, sidehop to lure bokoblin, Rupees in grass before slanted log
  10. Bokoblin fight (kill them both or kill only one and lure the other near the entrance, depending on Pause Storage setup)
  11. Mash through the first cutscene blind, Savewarp after fadeout for Aryll Kidnapping Cutscene Skip
  12. Roll to grandmas house, jumpslash over fence
  13. Climb ladder, backflip down, Hero's Shield, exit house
  14. Enter Beedle's Ship, Leave with Pause Storage
  15. Roll to tetra and talk, savewarp after fadeout for Leaving Outset Cutscene Skip
  16. Enter inside of ship, Hold ZL and mash A, talk to Niko, Ropes game, Spoils Bag, Savewarp

Forsaken Fortress

  1. Climb Ladder, Cutscenes
  2. Skip the Gossip Stone Cutscene
  3. Red rupees
  4. Navigate up stairs, Window Jump, avoid Gossip Stone text before ladder
  5. Lure bokoblin to slash pot, take stick and quickspin bokoblin off of ledge to kill
  6. Window Grab or use stick to jumpslash into window, navigate through rooms/corridors
  7. Double moblin room, roof moblin (don't get caught :P)
  8. Quick sidling (Spam the control stick direction you want to sidle), sword, green bokoblin fight (3 sword hits and jump-spin attack), grab joy pendant if one is dropped
  9. Open door, cutscenes


  1. Flower rupees and pot under the ramp. Save Tingle (this is required to buy the sail)
  2. Buy Sail
  3. Back to King of Red Lions (KoRL), sail towards Dragon Roost Island (DRI)
  4. Enter Beedle's Ship at Pawprint Island, Leave with Pause Storage
  5. Sail blind to DRI, Savewarp when the Wind Waker Cutscene Starts for Wind Waker Skip

Dragon Roost Island

  1. Rock Jump/Skip , Blow up rock or jump past it, Quill Cutscene, Inside
  2. Delivery Bag Cutscene, Delivery Bag
  3. Navigate up to Medli, Father’s Letter, down to Komali, Show Father’s Letter
  4. Navigate out to Pond area, Talk to Medli, Throw to opposite ledge, Bottle
  5. Get Water, Pour on bomb, Blow up rock to fill pond
  6. Throw Bombs into falling statues (optional jumpslash past second statue, risky but it saves 2 seconds)
  7. Enter Dragon Roost Cavern (DRC)

Dragon Roost Cavern

  1. Pull Blocks, jumpslash over fence, take stick with fire from bokoblin, light torches, small key
  2. Open door, break wooden barrier, roll into cutscene
  3. Navigate around big room, roll into rock explosion cutscene
  4. Water Pot Cutscene skip, climb ladder until third rung from top, wait for chu to jump, then continue
  5. Let bokoblin break wooden barrier, get sword, break next 2 wooden barriers (throw sword at second one)
  6. Small Key, quickspin bomb to blow up rock, Open locked door
  7. Take stick from bokoblin, burn wooden barrier, step on switch, outside
  8. Climb ladder (wait for lava cycle if necessary), Jump over sidle gab, sidehop jumpslash over ledge moving gap
  9. Blow up rock, Rat Room, Pull blocks, KoRL text, light stick on fire, throw at wooden barrier, small key
  10. Open Door, stab Kegoroc, small key, open door
  11. Stab pots, grab torch, light on fire, burn wooden barrier, light torches
  12. Roll across bridge, triple bokoblin room (kill first one, lure second and third ones together to kill both at once)
  13. Get water pot, walk around magtail, then throw
  14. Blow up rock in front of door, Outside
  15. DRC Miniboss Fight, pick up spoil if one drops, Grapple Hook, Savewarp
  16. Exit DRC, Savewarp

Quiver and Leaf

  1. Item Slide Superswim from DRI to Thorned Fairy Island
  2. Quiver Early, Escape Thorned Fairy
  3. Superswim away from Thorned Fairy to Forest Haven, watch cutscene
  4. Item Slide clip into FH
  5. Enter Forest Haven with Pause Storage
  6. Maneuver to the Deku Tree blind, Kill the Chus blind and savewarp after the fadeout for Deku Tree Cutscene Skip. At this point, make sure you have a spoil. If you don't, grapple a boko baba
  7. Item Slide Clip into FH again, Get Leaf, Savewarp

Early Master Sword

  1. Beedle Superswim from Forest Haven to FF2.
  2. Clip inside the Fortress
  3. Item Slide up stairs and to the corner underneath the middle light tower
  4. FF2 Item Slide, Item Slide to top of FF2
  5. Perform the Phantom Ganon Cutscene Skip and Door Clip
  6. Enter the Loading Zone with Pause Storage, Savewarp for Helmaroc Cutscene Skip
  7. Helmaroc Skip, Watch Early Master Sword Cutscene (Change clothes, obtain Master Sword, obtain Hero's Shield), watch cutscenes

Hyrule 2

  1. Item Slide Clip past Hyrule Castle
  2. Knockback Cancel with Spoil, Barrier Skip, pause for a moment and laugh at the barrier, then Item Slide onward to Ganon's Tower.
  3. Item Slide to door frame, Trials Skip w/ Door Frame Grab Roll Clip
  4. Get magic in skull if necessary before room with torchs cutscene
  5. Phantom Ganon Maze and beat Phantom Ganon for Light Arrows
  6. Shoot Phantom Ganon with Light Arrow, break the stone wall with his sword
  7. Shoot all mobs in final staircase with Light Arrows and Item Slide up the room between enemies, get max magic
  8. Grand Staircase Skip, Enter the Loading Zone with a Sidehop Pause Storage, Savewarp for Puppet Ganon Cutscene Skip
  9. Item Slide up the Staircase again, Enter Puppet Ganon. During the fight, take damage to make sure you finish with 1/4 health (keeses deal 1/4 damage).
  10. Climb red rope, skip first grapple spot (chain clip) and grapple to the top of the infrastructure, OPEN THE WARP POT
  11. Perform The Morth Hover without Bombs
  12. Enter the Ganondorf Loading Zone with Pause Storage, Savewarp for Ganondorf Cutscene Skip
  13. Item Slide up the Staircase again, take the warp pot, take damage from morths on fire + chain
  14. Perform The Morth Hover without Bombs again
  15. Enter Ganondorf (use the grapple hook on Zelda to refill health if necessary)
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