Ledge Clipping

Discovered by MrSparkle, Bomb Usage Discovered by Klydestorm

Trick Description

By placing an object (such as Medli, Makar, an orb, statue, bombs, a pot, etc.) near the point where a ledge and wall meet (typically at a right angle), it is possible to clip Link through the vast majority of walls in the game.

How To

With Bombs:

  1. Backwalk and grab the desired ledge
  2. Move as close as possible to the wall you wish to clip through & pull yourself up. From this point you have two options: Pull out a bomb, wait until it's above your head, press B to drop it behind you, then backflip off the ledge and use the deku leaf to grab the ledge...OR...Pull out a bomb and sidehop into the wall. About halfway through the sidehop, pull out the leaf and continue holding towards the wall, then move Link back away from the ledge and then grab it. (Normally you will have to angle yourself away from the wall so that the bomb lands on the ledge, however, in the Wind Temple, some of the walls are slightly beveled, meaning that you don't have to angle yourself. This is especially useful in getting the hookshot early and skipping the fan cages.)
  3. Move away from the wall, and the bomb should push you towards it, clipping you through the wall. Note: For some walls, you will have to pull yourself up onto an OoB ledge and then shield the bomb to prevent it from knocking you down. This is demonstrated in the video below.

With Objects other than Bombs:

  1. Pick up the item and place it near the intersection of the ledge and the wall. Make sure that the object is far enough from the edge so that when you perform step 3 it won't push you off the ledge. (This will not work with enemy orbs as you cannot pick them up. Because of the orb drop precision necessary to be able to clip, they are hardly ever used.)
  2. Backwalk off the ledge to grab it.
  3. Pull yourself up, lift the object, and once it is fully above your head press B to drop it behind you.
  4. Jump off the ledge (backflip, sidehop, etc.)
  5. Use the leaf to re-grab the ledge.
  6. Push the control stick away from the wall in order to clip.

Pause Buffering

For some ledge clips, pause buffering is a more accurate and safe way to ensure that you will clip into the desired wall. When Link grabs a ledge, he bends his legs; as you advance frames they will straighten out; There is a frame where Link's legs are still slightly bent, and the next they are completely straight. This is what you are looking for when pause buffering. Depending on the ledge, either both frames or only the latter will work (with a 2-3 frame window). On this frame hold away from the wall on the control stick to clip as you would normally.

Ledge Clip Frames

Both pause-buffered & non-pause-buffered methods are demonstrated in the video below.

Additional Notes

  • Because pots and bombs are "movable" objects (while Link is hanging on the ledge, they are being pushed away from him), ledge clipping with them can sometimes require frame-perfect, or near frame-perfect, inputs in order to succeed.
  • Bombs have a limited window, during which you have to clip before they explode.
  • "Immovable" objects, such as Medli or Makar, stay stationary during the whole clip. This concept contributes to the reason why clips executed with the help of Medli or Makar don't require pause buffering. Also, if the trick is failed, the clip will still work without needing to replace the character in position.
  • In most instances, once you clip there will be no invisible ledges on the OoB side of the wall you clipped through (unlike in other Zelda games). Therefore, once Link pulls himself up the ledge, you will need to immediately pull out the deku leaf to avoid falling into the void.
  • Door frames in the Tower of the Gods can be used to ledge clip without the need of any additional object and only require the proper angle (click here to see this in action).
Last updated 08/03/2021 – gymnast86