Weirdshots & Oddshots

Using the item sliding glitch, it is possible to trick the camera into detaching itself from Link's position. This allows Link to hookshot things he shouldn't be able to from where he is standing. In addition, during a weirdshot link cannot be damaged.

Standard Weirdshots

Discovered by Nap42

By item sliding into some slopes, you can get the camera to sink very quickly under the ground. This is called a Weirdshot.

If you are using the hookshot as your item sliding item, you can fire the hookshot while the camera is under the ground to stop it from sinking. From there, you can aim around and hookshot whatever you want. You can also move Link (and consequently the camera since the camera follows your movement) around by performing an L-Slide, but be careful as to not hold ZL when you are not in the action of firing the hookshot or the camera will snap back to Link, cancelling the weirdshot. If your Weirdshot is too low to your taste, you can tap down on your control stick to make the camera slightly go back to Link.

Unfortunately, a Weirdshot done with any first person item that is not the hookshot will cancel itself right as you use the item.

Weirdshots with Iron Boots or Morths

It is really easy to cause a Weirdshot when Link is heavier than normal. To perform a weirdshot that way, equip the iron boots or make sure that you have enough morths on you to be considered heavy, and item slide backwards. This will make the camera sink very quickly into the ground, but contrarely to a standard weirdshot, it will also make the camera shake like crazy in unpredictable directions.

Contrarely to a standard Weirdshot, firing the hookshot when the camera is underground using this technique will make the camera immediately snap back to Link no matter what. If you fired the hookshot extremely far out of bounds, you can even be stuck in the hookshot firing animation for several minutes.

Instead of item sliding backwards while being heavy, you can also item slide forward and hold up on the control stick to make your speed positive, and this will also cause a Weirdshot.

These kinds of Weirdshots are usually extremely inconsistent.

It is possible to open up the chest in the interior cave of bomb island without lowering the flames (ADD VIDEO)

Standard Oddshots

Discovered by Girtana1 and figured out by Smokey

It is possible to get the camera to detach from Link while gaining height instead of losing height. This is called an Oddshot.

To perform an oddshot, we must charge enough speed to hit a slope after traveling a large distance in one frame.

Instructions: First, item slide with the hookshot and make your speed positive (by holding up on the control stick if you are item sliding forward for example). You must then release your speed without leaving the first person camera (by sliding off the piece of collision you are item sliding against for example). Then, a single frame after that, you need to collide with a slope. This will cause the camera to be higher than it is supposed to. Release the hookshot when that happens to get an Oddshot.

Whenever link reaches a slope from a distance in one frame, the game takes his initial position at a large distance away and extends a very long slope from that position to his final destination in calculating his next character model height. How high you Oddshot has nothing to do with your speed. We can multiply the steepness of the slope by the distance link traveled in one frame before reaching it to calculate how high his character model will go.

You can still L-Slide around to move the camera during an Oddshot, and manage your height by tapping down on the control stick.

The main use of oddshots is to skip the Cliff Plateau Cave in 100% speedruns.

Oddshots with Iron Boots

Discovered by SmokeyRuns

This method of getting an Oddshot works with every item (grappling hook, boomerang, bow, hookshot). First, equip the iron boots, aim at a slope and item slide backwards into a wall. Because you have iron boots, that will cause a Weirdshot (see Weirdshots with Iron Boots above). Then, once you have enough speed, hold directly up (the direction you hold determines the direction you move in) and switch items you are holding by pulling out another first person item, then release up on the analog stick. That will give you an Oddshot with the item you pressed. This is the only known way to get an Oddshot with items other than the hookshot.

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