Earth Temple

Enter Headstone Island without Power Bracelets (Early Earth God's Lyrics)

Note: Learning the Earth God's Lyric before beating the Forsaken Fortress 2 will crash the game due to wrong animation sets. See here for more info.

Method 1 - Item Slide

By performing a bomb boost or a a leaf cancel to get on top of the ledge on the western side of the island, and then getting on top of the headstone with either an item slide or by leafing, you can clip into Headstone early. To do this, perform an item slide towards the wall above the headstone and after a second or two, hold up on thge control stick. If you did it correctly Link will jump and enter the loading zone.

Method 2 - Grab Roll Clip

First, you will want to get on top of the east side of the island using either a bomb boost or a ledge grab out of the leaf. Once up there, go to the corner. In that corner, you can roll clip to go OoB and from there enter the loading zone using the leaf.

Important Note

If you don't break the Headstone preventing you access to the Earth Temple, the cutscene of you and Medli entering Headstone together will softlock, due to Link not being able to reach the position in which the game is supposed to start the loading of the next area. As such, this trick is useless.

First Room Strategy

With a well aimed Item Slide, it is possible to grab the edge of the two pillars with switches on them. Doing this and then using the Command Melody to fly Medli up to the second switch is faster then walking over and flying with Medli to the left switch.

Skip Using the Command Melody in the First Room

Discovered by ?

Note that this trick requires at least 3/4 of a full magic meter to perform. After flying to the first switch in the first room. Place Medli on it and then jump off to the right and do three to four Leaf Pumps to make it as Link to the other switch. After pressing it down, do three to four leaf pumps back to the first switch to grab Medli.

Skip Using the Command Melody in Chu Room

Discovered by TSA

Throw Medli into the center of the ray of light and kill all of the red and green chus. Go back to Medli and walk around her in circles until all of the purple chus have turned to stone. Then kill them with Skull Hammer jumpslashes.

Fly to Skull Hammer Peg

Discovered by Unreal

After the cutscene which shows off the giant statue in the front plays, do a sidehop to the right and move to the right some more while still holding ZL to target, run off the ledge when you're almost near the wall and then once Link is above the skull peg, press A to drop Medli and spam the button which you have the Skull Hammer on.

Get the First Small Key without Command Melody

Discovered by Chimpas

After making light appear in the room, pick up Medli and place her in between the light and the invisible chest. Call Medli and slowly backwalk. While Medli is walking towards you, her instrument will shine light towards the chest, and if you did it correctly it will reveal the chest. Because Medli always tries to talk to you before you attempt this trick, and because it takes a while to setup, this is generally only useful as a Command Melody skip and not as a speed strat.

Skip Placing Purple Chus on Switches

Method 1

Discovered by Kazooie

In the room with the two switches and the staircase, pickup Medli and head over up onto the second platform on the right. Angle yourself towards the ledge. Jump off and fly about halfway with Medli, then drop her and glide the rest of the way to the DARKER ledge with the deku leaf and grab it. From here, use the Command Melody and fly Medli up to you.

Method 2

Discovered by Venick409

Place Medli on the back switch, then jump onto the front switch to lower the staircase. Immediately after the cutscene, sidehop to the right continuously, until you land on the first step of the raising stairs. From here, use the Command Melody to fly Medli over to you.

Method 3

Discovered by Unreal

Similarly to Method 1, pickup Medli and head over to the same ledge on the right and angle yourself with the top of the staircase ledge. Throw Medli, and if you aligned yourself properly, she should land on top of the staircase. Now angle yourself towards the staircase again and pull out a bomb. As the flashing speed increases, jump off of the ledge and pull out the deku leaf to Damage Boost to the ledge. Unlike Methods 1 and 2 you don't need to use the Command Melody in this method.

Skip Using the Command Melody in the Block Room

Discovered by Chimpas

In the room with the blocks and the floor master, push the first block into the indention on the floor to open the skylight. Pickup Medli and align facing the breakable wall, between it and the spot of light. Now place Medli and 'call' her. Walk away from the wall and the light will reflect off Medli's harp and reveal the block.

Fight Skip and 1F Small Key Skip

After shining light onto the right elephant statue to destroy it, in the double moblin/poe fight room, you can climb onto the ledge partially inside the wall in the spot the statue was in previously, in order to perform a roll clip to go OoB. If you perform your roll clip directly to your right, you will land in bounds past the staircase, successfully skipping the fight.

However, you can also start gliding with the leaf once OoB and maneuver your way behind the door leading to the ReDead Crypt. Land behind the door and then jump OoB again. From there you can leaf behind the miniboss room into the loading zone, also skipping a small key.

This small key skip is usually slower than fighting the moblins and poes normally and getting the small key with the boomerang, and it also uses a lot of magic, making the miniboss skip much harder. It should only be considered if you don't have the boomerang. Note also that by doing this skip, the staircase won't have fallen down after leaving the miniboss room, meaning savewarping is the only way to escape this place.

If you want to make the staircase go down, then there are other spots that can be used to clip OoB in this room:

Small Key Timesaver

Method 1

Discovered by Chimpas, Unreal

Backup towards the ledge, so that your back is facing the sarcophagus. Backflip towards the sarcophagus, and pull out the deku leaf to glide back to the higher platform. This should have disturbed the sarcophagus and revealed the key. Simply use the boomerang to bring the key to you.

Method 2

Discovered by YautjaElder

Jump off the ledge and glide to the top of the coffin with the key. You will want to make sure to glide at it from a far enough distance away so that the coffin begins to rattle before you land on top (otherwise it will knock you off). Now glide back to the ledge and boomerang the key.

Skip Triple Stalfos Fight

Note first that it is possible to skip the miniboss spawning all together using item sliding. Upon entering the room, item slide backwards and slash your sword to skip the cutscene. To leave the room without triggering the cutscene, shine light onto the sun to unlock the door, item slide backwards and slash towards the door. Alternatively, you can leave the room using a roll clip, skipping having to aim the miror shield at the sun.

Discovered by Linkus7

Method 1

Discovered by Klydestorm

Jump attack on top of one of the stalfos' coffins (either one will work), then jump off at an angle towards the center of the room and use two Leaf Pumps while turning to the left or right (depending on which direction the ledge is) to grab the ledge leading to the Mirror Shield. Note that you can only grab the DARKER part of the ledge, not the lighter part.

Method 2

Discovered by Nap42

It is also possible to perform a roll clip near one of the stalfos' coffins to clip OoB, and using a well-timed bomb boost, be brought back in bounds at the same level as the Mirror Shield chest. This is much harder than the method above, but uses way less magic.

Break Shortcut Wall without Command Melody

Discovered by azer67

Place Medli against the wall with the elphant statues, in the exact middle and with a straight angle. Because Medli always tries to face towards Link, it is very important that after you place her in the correct spot, you get away from her as quickly as possible. To do so, perform a backflip as soon as possible after putting her down.

Once you got away without Medli changing her angle, climb the ladder and shine light onto Medli's back. If Medli is in the correct spot, the light will get reflected by her instrument and break the shortcut wall.

This trick being slow to setup, this should only be done as a Command Melody Skip. This trick is useful in order to get past the Statue in the main room with Medli and without the Command Melody, by being combined with the following trick.

Skip Shining Light on Statue's Eyes

Method 1 - From the top

Discovered by Aruki

On the upper ledge in the statue room, pick up Medli and maneuver over to the edge of the ledge nearest the giant statue. Now turn around, go into first person and lean downwards and slightly right. While still holding that angle in first person, backwalk off the ledge behind you. If you did it correctly, Medli will land on the ledge and Link will hang from the ledge. If Medli falls, you weren't looking downward far enough, if she's not on the edge of the ledge, you were leaning too far downward. If Medli is in the proper position, tap right to perform a Ledge Clip using Medli and then climb up OoB. From here pick up Medli, angle yourself slightly more to the right in first person mode and do a sidehop down to get behind the statue.

Method 2 - From the bottom

It is also possible to get past the statue with Medli from the bottom of the room. To do so, first you should place Medli next to one of the doors in either side of the room. Then, using one of the spots in either side of the room where the wall does a 90° turn, you can backflip, use leaf, and cancel leaf to grab the ledge partially inside tha wall, and roll clip OoB. Then you can glide towards the door you placed Medli next to and land behind it. Then, grab Medli through the door and throw her OoB. Use the Command Melody to control her and make her fly behind the statue, to the door that leads into the basement. Once this is done, you can cancel out of Medli and use the leaf to glide OoB behind the statue.

Method 3 - Without Medli

Discovered by azer67 (?)

If you don't care about going into the basement without Medli, you can either perform one of the clips above but skipping through the Medli steps, or you can perform a grab roll clip on the back of the statue:

First Song Stone Skip

discovered by gymnast86

To perform this, you must do a bomb roll clip on either ledge beside the stone and simply fly with the leaf out of bounds and behind the stone.

B1 Small Key Skip

Method 1 - Roll Clip

discovered by gymnast86

It is possible to skip the small key in the second half of Earth Temple. To do this, first you must place Medli next to the grate that separates the two rooms with the Giant mirror and the last big elephant statue. Now shoot the rightmost red flag that blocks a small alcove with a joy pendant in it. Use the Leaf to fly to this alcove and grab the right most edge, from here do a Roll Clip to the right and use the leaf again to fly back in bounds in between the collision of the grate. Now pick up Medli and take her through to the other side of the room with you.

Method 2 - Bomb Roll Clip

discovered by ?

Alternatively you can also use a Bomb Roll Clip on the right or left side of the ledge in front of the grate to get OoB and skip the small key.

Last Elephant Statue Strategy

Medliless/Skip pulling the mirror

Discovered by bowserisbored

By leafing into the light, your back facing the elephant statue, it is possible to break the last elephant statue without Medli and without playing the Command Melody. This is the fastest way to break it.

Setup by mralberto

Medliless/From on top of the mirror

With a few well angled Item Slides it's possible to get on top of the giant mirror in this room as Link and use the Mirror Shield to break the elephant on the other side of the room.

If you have Medli with you, you can play the Command Melody to make her fly and go on top of the mirror. From there, she can also break the elephant statue. This is useful if you got the light arrows early to defeat Jalhalla, and don't have a mirror shield.

With Medli/Skip the Command Melody

In the room before the coffin room where you have to play the Earth God's Lyric, angle yourself so that you're facing the statue and backup a bit so that if you throw Medli she'll land in the light from the giant mirror behind you. Throw Medli and she should land in the light at the proper angle so that the light will reflect off her harp. Now quickly pull out your sword use the mirror shield to bounce the light onto the statue.

Second Song Stone Skip

Without Medli

Discovered by gymnast86

By opening the chest in the coffin hallway room, you can Item Slide from on top of the chest to the top of a coffin on the opposite side of the room. From here you can fly over to the coffin to the right of the opened chest and perform a Ledge Clip to get out of bounds and fly with the leaf in between the door and the song stone.

With Medli

Discovered by Nap42

It is also possible to reach the top of one of the coffins using Medli and from on top of the opened chest. Once you are on top of the coffin, the clip is the same, although you can use Medli instead of a bomb.

Mirror Room Half Skip

Discovered by Kazooie, Chimpas. Done in HD by gymnast86

Upon entering the Mirror Room, throw Medli onto the higher ledge, and jump down to the mirror on the right. Push the Mirror into the slot in the ground, and use the Command Melody to fly Medli over to the switch. After the switch has been activated, fly Medli over on top of the mirror you just pushed, and aim light into the statue's left (your right) eye. Once you've got the light in the statue's eye, cancel control of Medli, and roll over to the platform in front of the mirror and get onto it. Staying on the bottom level, angle yourself slightly with the meltable wall and use your shield to shine light onto in. Once the wall is melted, push/pull the next mirror into place. Now get back on the previous platform and melt the statue. Push/Pull this mirror, just slightly off from being in the slot in the floor so that it shines light onto the other mirror. Now head over to the platform on the right of the statue and shine light into it's other eye.

This method completely skips pushing any mirror on the left side of the room.

Mirror Room Full Skip

Discovered by KONG Grovyle

Press the Mirror Room Switch without the Command Melody

Discovered by KryptekSR, Item sliding method by azer67, leaf-pumping method by JarheadHME

It is possible to press the switch in the mirror room without Medli's help by item sliding to the snake-looking pillar and then gliding to the ledge:

Alternatively, this is possible glitchless by gliding with Medli:

Finally, this is also possible glitchless without Medli, with the help of Double Magic and lots of leaf pumps:

Note that this is only useful as a Command Melody Skip and not as a speed strat.

Skip the Mirror Room - Early Stalfos Crypt

By performing a ledge clip on the left side of the room upone entering, you can clip OoB. You can then glide backwards with the leaf past the wall blocking the access to the door leading to the Triple Stalfos Crypt, that contains Treasure Chart 12.

Skip the Mirror Room - Early Boss Key

Method 1

Stand in front of the statue and the stairs preventing the access to the boss key room. Look on the side, perform a backflip and pull out the leaf to glide towards the ledge. Perform a frame perfect roll clip to go out of bounds. From there, you can leaf to get behind the door and open it. Be careful, as the stairs will try to push you back in bounds.

Method 2

Discovered by Klydestorm

Once you enter the mirror room, head over to the right ledge. Using either Medli or a bomb, ledge clip OoB. Just as you clip OoB, hold L and turn Link so that he is facing away from the ledge he used to clip. Now use leaf pumping to get underneath the ground by the far door. If you continue holding L while leaf pumping, you'll have a much easier camera angle to deal with. Once you get back in bounds by the door, side walk, keeping close to the wall in front of you (you want to be careful not to clip too far into the barriers behind you. Now open the door and proceed.

Boss Key Skip

Method 1: Torch Roll Clip

Discovered by LegendofzeldaLF

It is possible to perform a roll clip on the torch. Next to the boss door after item sliding to it.

Setup 1

Setup by gymnast86

Line up the right edge of link's foot on a precise part of the texture as seen in the video. The perform a leaf blow, which will push Link back and make him grab the ledge at the perfect position. Then climb up and perform a roll clip to clip through the wall and reach the loading zone for the boss.

If your position was too far to the right, you will be pushed off by the door and you will have to item slide back to the torch. If your position was too far left, the roll will become very precise and at some point will simply stop working.

Setup 2

Setup by Smokey

Go into the corner on your left and get an angle between 64539 and 64943. Then perform 3 leaf blows, which will push Link back and make him grab the ledge at the perfect position. Then climb up and perform a roll clip to clip through the wall and reach the loading zone for the boss.

If your angle value is too high, you will be pushed off by the door and you will have to item slide back to the torch. If your angle is too low, the roll will become very precise and at some point will simply stop working.

Method 2: Bomb Roll Clip and Leaf Pump to Loading Zone

By performing a bomb roll clip on the ledge near the last warp pot, you can use the leaf and 8 leaf pumps to glide out of bounds around behind the boss door. If you attempt this trick and fall down after doing the partial Ledge Clip portion, this means that your ledge clip inputs were too early. However, you can recover from this quickly by letting one of the floormasters at the bottom of the room take you back to the beginning of the dungeon. From here you can backtrack one room and go through the warp pot right back to where the boss key skip is performed.

Alternatively, you can use Medli to perform a partial ledge clip into a roll clip instead of a bomb.

Method 3: Blind Roll Clip

Discovered by gymnast86

It is also possible to clip OoB closer to the boss door, by first using Medli to ledge clip inside a pillar, and then using Medli again to perform a partial ledge clip into a roll clip. Once fully OoB, you can simply leaf to the loading zone. Due to this method requiring a completely blind frame perfect roll clip, it is usually not attempted over the method above.

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