Overlook Early

It is possible to enter Overlook without the hookshot by performing an Island Hop from Dragon Roost Island to Overlook, using the leaf to glide the rest of the way. Both the speed and the angle required for this island hop is very precise, using a metronome is advised.

Giant Armos Room

If you pulled out a bomb before entering this room, throw it forward and then walk forward a little bit. This will draw the two closer armos' inwards and then back up slightly and they'll bounce against each other when they go into their vulnerable state. Target one and spam the bomb button to throw a bomb in it. Do the same with the one on the opposite side. Then walk around them and throw a bomb into the mouth of the armos in the back.

Stalfos Room

First, pull out a bomb and drop it near the legs of the stalfos on the left, then run across and drop one at the feet of the stalfos on the right. Go back to the stalfos on the left and after the bomb blows it up, hit the head with the boomerang to stun it and then smash its head with a skull hammer jumpslash. By now the other one should have blown up as well, so boomerang his head and skull hammer jumpslash it as well.

Double Wizzrobe Room

Each of the wizzrobes in this room have four health. To kill them swiftly simply spam them with four regular arrows each. If you're lucky the wizzrobe can get hit twice by a single arrow depending on how it bounces off the wall behind the wizzrobe.

Green Bokoblin Room

Walk forward slightly to trigger the first three green bokoblins to jump out of their pots. Right before they slash onto the ground do two untargeted sideways slashes and then a quickspin to finish them off. Walk forward a little more to trigger the last two bokoblins and repeat the two slashes and quickspin from before. Change to Ice Arrows before the door unlocks.

Quadruple Darknut Fight

To start go towards the darknut whose back is to Link and knock off his armor from the back. Then do an untargeted Ice Arrow shot on his body and shatter him with a skull hammer jumpslash. Let the next three dakrnuts gather around and try to put the pillar on your right between you and the darknuts so that when the swing, they knock the pillar down and rupees will come out. Get all these rupees. Afterwards hope for an overhead parry to knock off their headpieces and kill them all with targeted Ice Arrow + skull hammer jumpslash combos.

Last updated 11/23/2018 – azer67