Wind Temple

Enter the Wind Temple without Iron Boots or Skull Hammer

Note: Learning the Wind God's Aria before beating the Forsaken Fortress 2 will crash the game due to wrong animation sets. See here for more info.

Because beating the Wind Temple requires Iron Boots to get past the tall room in the basement with an iron boots switch on top, this is only useful for routing purposes.

Without Iron Boots

To enter Gale Isle without Iron Boots, you can perform an item slide and make Link run forward by holding up on the control stick before pulling out the Skull Hammer. Thanks to your speed, you will be going against the strong wind. With a hammer jumpslash you can then break the statue without Iron Boots.

Alternatively, you can enter the island without the Iron Boots without glitches by playing the Song of Passing repeatedly to have wind immunity. Once again, use a hammer jumpslash to break the statue once you're close enough. Simply peforming wind waker pulls to enter the island early from the SD was patched.

Without Skull Hammer

To enter the island without the Skull Hammer, zombie hover to the pillar on the western side of the island that has hearts on top of it. Heal with the heart, then leaf to the island. You can clip inside the island by simply hanging from a ledge in a specific spot and letting go (no need for a roll or ledge clip). Then simply fly above the loading zone.

Alternatively, you can reach that higher ledge by island hopping. A Tool Assisted Speedrun would also be able to enter the island before the collision of the statue has even time to load by island hopping.

Skip Command Melody in the First Room

Discovered by Chasetopherlee

To skip using the Command melody in the First Room, simply call Makar and then Item Slide to the opposite side of the room. DO NOT grab the door frame on the other side of the room, grabbing ledges will stop Makar from following you through doors 99% of the time.

Access Warp Pot Early

Discovered by ?

In the room with Makar's cage, you can gain early access to the warp jar by shooting it with a Fire Arrow to skip some rooms. To setup the position, do two sidehops to the left after entering the room. Then line up the fire arrow and shoot it. Use the warp jar in the first room of the dungeon to get up onto the ledge.

Early Makar

Discovered by KONG Grovyle

Call Makar in the jail cell then run over to the door. With correct movement Makar will follow you, allowing you to free him without the hookshot.

Song Stone Room without Iron Boots

Discovered by ?

In the room immediately after Makar's capture (the one with the WGA stone & spinners), go down to the first spinner. Immediately after using your deku leaf, backflip. You should hit the spinning wall as it's swinging upwards, taking you with it. Using this technique, you don't need iron boots for this room.

Another way to skip the iron boots is to use the early warp pot technique, and go through the rooms backward to access the Song Stone Room from the other door

Early Boss Key


For the most part, attempting to grab Wind Temple door frames is rather inconsistent. However grabbing the very right or left edge is about as consistent as grabbing any other ledge in the game. To start, face the right side column of the door to the south of the song stone blocking the way to the boss key. Using this angle, start an Item Slide back against the corner made by the song stone and the adjacent wall. Then when you have enough speed, use home buffering to hold forward on the control stick, ZL, and B all on the same frame. This will make Link Item Slide perfectly straight forward and get a jump out of it to grab the door frame. If Link jumps under the door frame, you were aiming too far left. If Link jumps to the right of the door frame, you were aiming too far right. Now Roll Clip through the door frame, Leaf around to the back of the door behind the song stone and land on the sliver of ground behind the stone. Then turn around, and open the door to get into the room with the boss key.


It is possible to access the Wind Temple Boss Key early with a variety of tricks. To start, position yourself on the turning floor panel so that the wind from the Leaf will barely hit the weather vane on the opposite side. Now blow wind using the Leaf and immediately roll backwards on the floor panel. Then do another roll angled up and to the left of the floor panel. Link will jump off when the panel gets too steep and from here pull out the Leaf. Hold ZL to target and Up-Left until facing the pillar on the right side of the room, all the while doing Leaf Pumps until you're close enough to the pillar to grab it. After you get on top of the pillar, shoot peahats if they're in the way, fly to the door frame on the right and Roll Clip through it. Now Leaf around to the back of the door behind the song stone and land on the sliver of ground behind the stone. Then turn around, and open the door to get into the room with the boss key.

Cyclone Room Strategy

Discovered by Kazooie

In the Many Cyclones Room, you can skip doing the entire room by jumping down and rolling towards the very last cyclone. By backflipping onto the cyclone and pulling out the leaf, you can rise using the cyclone and access the door, skipping every other cyclones and the switch.

Hookshot Early

Roll Clipping through Door Frames

By grabbing the edge of the right side on any door frame in Wind Temple (with the exception of the Boss Door) you can simply do a Roll Clip due to how far in the wall Link is when he climbs up. This is useful for skipping the key required to obtain the hookshot.

The fastest door to use to clip OoB is simply the door leading to the miniboss. But you can also use one of the doors on 1F to also skip the 1st fan, which requires iron boots.

Ledge Clipping

Alternatively you can Ledge Clip on the platforms inside the main hub room. After getting OoB just leaf to the hookshot loading zone.

Early Small Key in Spike Room

Bomb Boost

Discovered by ?

Get into one of the corners near the spikes and place a bomb--it doesn't matter if it is in front of, or behind you. Wait until just before the bomb explodes and use a damage boost to reach the spike ledge. (If you placed the bomb in front of yourself you will need to jumpslash a second or two sooner.) This will give you temporary damage invincibility as well, allowing you to then skip past the spikes and get to the chest.

Leaf Cancel

Discovered by LegendOfLinkk

By backflipping, pulling out leaf and cancelling the leaf at the right time, it is possible to grab the ledge and climb up where the spikes are, but the spikes will usually immediately knock you back down. However, by doing so inbetween 2 spikes, you can climb up without being knocked down. To get accross the spikes, you only have to pull out your sword and jumplsash.

Skip Fight for Treasure Chart 35

Discovered by Demon, Glitchesandstuff and Tom Nook

By breaking each floor panel by equipping iron boots while standing at the very edge of each panel, you can avoid falling into the basement and having to fight your way up by either performing a stab, or by grabbing the ledge by holding up on the control stick. Note that the timing for the stab on the very last panel is very tight due to the cutscene of the chest appearing playing.

Armos Fight Strategy

Pull out sword while opening the door and hold target all the way. Don't move right away, otherwise the middle armos on the 2nd row will notice you and everything will fall apart. Then perform 2 jumpslash quickspins to get rid of the first 4 armos, then sneak behind the middle armos and slash him, then quickspin the last 2.

Skipping the Second Fan Cage

Method 1 - Hookshot Clip

Discovered by ?

After you have obtained the hookshot, it is possible to clip out of bounds by backing up against a wall which has a hookshot target on it and hookshot the target at a specific angle. You can recognize the angle because the yellow target icon will be way to the right of the actual target on the wall

Method 2 - Ledge Clip

Discovered by Klydestorm

After you have obtained the small key above and the hookshot, head over to the right of the key room and hookshot up about three platforms. Backwalk so that Link grabs the ledge, move as close to the wall as you can, and then pull yourself up. Now place a bomb and use it to ledge clip OoB. Immediately after you've clipped and drop down onto the lower ledge. From here, backflip off the ledge and use the leaf to get under the second fan cage. Be careful not to fall too far or you will die.

Skip Planting Tree

Discovered by Kazooie

The room with the wall of wind gusts where you'd normally have to use Makar to plant a tree and then hookshot it, can be crossed without the aid of Makar. Jump into the wind gusts and pull out the deku leaf to get blown left and then right. As soon as you are in front of the platform, put away the deku leaf and hold forward on the control stick to grab the edge.

Skip Blocks

In the room before the boss door, you can skip pushing the blocks by putting on the iron boots and continuously sidehopping past the blade traps.

Stone Slab Skip

Method 1

Get next to the stone slab and sidle. Once Link is part way in the stone, stop sidling and roll until you are completely through. To get through with the fewest rolls possible, roll parallel to the stone.

Method 2

After entering the room, charge up an Item Slide against the door and then release it forward through the narrow doorway in the middle of the room, and then jumpslash on top of the song stone. From here, Item Slide against the wall above song stone and you should fall through it

Boss Key Skip

Method 1 Roll clip damage boost

Discovered by Bowserisbored

Push the block over to the pillar on the right. Ledge clip off of the block, climb up at the correct time and roll clip into the pillar, then get hit out of a midair jumpslash onto the pillar, ledge clip out of bounds and leaf to the loading zone.

Method 2 Zombie Hover

Discovered by Jiano

Diminish your health to 1/4 of a heart. Then, pick up the middle pot on the right side of the room and break it near the boss door. Zombie hover above the door frame and make sure to stay low. If you're lucky, as the fairies ascend, one of them will heal you. From here go to either side and perform a Ledge Clip to get behind the boss door.

Method 3 Item Slide

Discovered by Nap42

If you break the song stone that's suppose to block you from normally entering the area right before the boss door, you can do an Item Slide paired with a precisely timed sword slash right before you are at the top of the stairs that preceed the song stone to grab the top of the Wind Temple boss door and then Ledge Clip through. Unfortunately this is slower as breaking the song stone requires bringing Makar all the way through the dungeon with you. If you Item Slide from the top of the stairs, you will simply jump against the wall.

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