Wind Waker Diving

Discovered for the original game by Aruki, Cerpin. HD method discovered by gymnast86

Trick Description

Wind Waker Diving allows you to plummet downward by getting pushed off of a ledge after Link plays the Wind Waker for a certain amount of time, around 1.5 seconds. This can be done with any item that has a cutscene, but the Wind Waker is preferred, as the duration of the dive can be controlled. This can be used to "dive" underwater and swim beneath islands. It can also be used to dive into the void without being warped to the start of the room.

How To

Place an object near a ledge, so that Link has just enough space to stand on the ledge beside the object in a sideways fashion, then pull out the Wind Waker. If Link's animation cycle is correct, he will bob away and then into the object which will push him off of the ledge hopefully after a long enough time has passed. If Link automatically comes out of the Wind Waker mode, then he fell too soon.

Additional Notes

  • If you wait too long after diving into a body of water, Link will touch the "sea floor" and immediately surface after canceling the wind waker. To avoid this, most dives can be timed by waiting for 2 counts on the wind waker scale and then canceling.
Last updated 06/22/2017 – Vanondorf