Damage Boosting

Trick Description

Damage boosting is a trick that combines some variant of Link's jumping animation with taking some form of damage (typically from bombs due to their availability) to extend the distance and height of said jump. This can often be used to reach higher ledges that would normally be just out of reach. With the aid of the deku leaf, Link can even gain a bit of additional distance to reach some further-away ledges.

How To

Using a Jumpslash

Discovered by fluffy_kitten
  1. Place a bomb either in front of or behind yourself (this will determine how long you need to wait for the bomb to explode).
  2. Face the ledge that is normally too high to reach.
  3. Pull out your sword as the bomb's flashing begins to quicken and jumpslash just as it is about to explode. You will need to jumpslash a bit earlier if you placed the bomb in front of yourself, rather than behind.

Using the Deku Leaf

  1. Stand near a ledge that Link can jump off of and face the ledge you wish to reach.
  2. Pull out a bomb so that it is above Link's head.
  3. Once the bomb's flashing begins to quicken, jump off of the ledge.
  4. At the height of your jump pull out the deku leaf.


  • When using the deku leaf method, it is important not to stand too close to the ledge that you are going to jump off; otherwise, Link may just do a short hop and not gain the distance required.
  • Some ledges can be reached using the second method of damage boosting but without the aid of the deku leaf.
  • After using either method, Link will have a short window of damage invincibility from the bomb explosion (while he's flashing red). This can be exploited in some instances to get past other barriers that would normally provide knock-back damage.
Last updated 06/22/2017 – Vanondorf