Cutscene Cancelling

Discovered by LegendOfLinkk

In Wind Waker HD, dying will stop any cutscene or loading trigger from being activated. However, due to the rate that health ticks down at (1/4 of a heart per frame) we can damage ourselves right before a trigger begins loading and then die when the game loads the next area or cutscene. This can be used to skip cutscenes that start after a loading.

With Map Select Cheat

It is possible to cancel any cutscene in the game that triggers on a loading zone by going to 0 hearts and then map selecting the loading zone to the cutscene you want to skip. This is obviously not allowed to do in runs but allows for quick testing of this glitch.

Deku Tree Cutscene Skip

See the Forest Haven page.

Puppet Ganon Cutscene Skip

See the Ganon's Tower page.

Helmaroc Cutscene Skip

Setup discovered by BowserisBored

Coming soon

Various Other Cutscenes

Dungeon Cutscenes

Using a moonjump cheat, it is possible to die right as the cutscene starts by taking fall damage on the dungeon warp, which successfully skips the cutscene at the end of every dungeon. However, if performed, Link won't be able to obtain the pearl, or the sword upgrade, that comes with the cutscene because they are obtained in the middle of the cutscene, not at the beginning. The cutscene that follows the Earth Temple won't play again after being cancelled, resulting in not being able to obtain the Half Charged Master Sword anymore, and so not being able to enter the Wind Temple.

Ganondorf Cutscene

By performing Puppet Ganon Skip, it is possible to reach the top of the tower while the fight is still in its first phase. By getting hit by a keese into the loading zone, you can cancel the Ganondorf cutscene. However, the Ganondorf cutscene will not play again, and the fight can only start if you've watched the cutscene all the way through, making this trick useless.

Forsaken Fortress 1 Cutscene

By performing Door Clip, it is possible to get inside the door at the end of Forsaken Fortress 1. The bokoblin can then hit and kill Link through the door and to the loading zone, resulting in cancelling the FF1 cutscene.

The series of cutscenes that follow FF1 are very crucial, as they are what makes KoRL appear on the ocean. If you don't make KoRL appear, the game will crash at the courtyard cutscene in Hyrule 2.

Delivery Bag Cutscene

By luring a kargarok over to the loading zone, and then getting hit by it into the loading zone, it is also possible to cancel the delivery bag cutscene. However, this doesn't skip the cutscene, it will play again the next time you enter the loading zone.


Some of the videos above use a moonjump cheat.

Last updated 08/05/2021 – mralberto