Damage Values

Data Collected by Kirkq
Hero's Sword
Attack TypeValue (Ordered by Strength)
Normal Slash of Any Kind1 Damage
Jump Slash2 Damage
Parry Attack2 Damage
Regular Spin Attack2 Damage
Buffered JumpSpin4 Damage †
Master Sword ††
Attack TypeValue (Ordered by Strength)
Normal Slash of Any Kind2 Damage
Jump Slash4 Damage
Parry Attack4 Damage
Spin Attack4 Damage
Buffered JumpSpin 8 Damage †

† - If both the jump attack and the spin land, this will deal 6 damage. If just the spin lands, this will deal 4 damage.

†† - All forms of the Master Sword inflict the same amount of damage.

It should also be noted that elixir soup doubles the damage inflicted by every type of sword slash.

ItemValue (Ordered by Strength)
HookshotDepends on what you are hitting †††
BoomerangDepends on what you are hitting †††
Grappling HookDepends on what you are hitting †††
Regular Arrows2 Damage
Light Arrows*See Note Below
Bombs4 Damage
Skull Hammer (Swing, Smash, Jump)4 Damage

††† - For some enemies, the hookshot, grappling hook, and boomerang do no damage at all, but merely stun them or pull you to them or them to you. For instance, the hookshot does not affect a Moblin's 10 HP, making its damage value in this case effectively 0. While it will kill a Keese (1 HP) effectively making its damage value 1 in that case. The same is true of the boomerang, which does 0 damage to a Moblin, but two hits will kill a Kargaroc (2 HP) making its damage value 1. The grappling hook is normally very hard to use in fights, but it has the capacity of dealing damage. This can be seen in the Gohma battle for example, where the damage value is 1 by hitting the eye.

*Although light arrows have the capability of reducing the HP of almost any regular enemy (Moblins, Darknuts, Bokoblins, etc.) to 0, there is at least one instance in which it possesses another unique quality. With cheats, light arrows have been used in the fight against Gohma. However, instead of dealing damage to her as is typical, each light arrow adds 1 HP to Gohma's total health.

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