Roll Clipping

Discovered by Gymnast86


Roll Clipping is a technique which allows you to roll through some walls from climbing up a ledge. By being partway inside of a wall while hanging on a ledge and climbing up, you can perform a one-frame roll to clip through said wall. If you were far enough inside of it, rolled at the correct angle, and rolled on the correct frame, you will clip through.

Roll Clipping in Wind Waker HD

In Wind Waker HD, you will immediately jump when performing a Roll Clip. This can be convenient for gaining extra height for some skips, but also makes other skips more difficult because Link will jump out of the wall and go back in bounds. In order to prevent yourself from jumping, let go of the control stick as soon as you roll.

Bomb Roll Clipping

Discovered by Nap42

On ledges that would not normally allow you to roll clip or ledges where you need more height than what a normal ledge clip would provide, a Bomb Roll Clip can be used. In order to perform a Bomb Roll Clip, perform a ledge clip but place the bomb a bit further away from the wall so that you only clip partially into the wall. After doing so, climb up and perform a roll clip in order to fully clip out of bounds. The video below demonstrates a Bomb Roll Clip.

Last updated 02/27/2019 – azer67