Leaf Pumping

Trick Description

Leaf Pumping is a technique that allows you to maintain height while gliding with the deku leaf by quickly and repeatedly pulling out and canceling the deku leaf--making it possible to reach ledges that would otherwise be out of reach. It is important not to confuse leaf pumping with the "leaf attack", which is simply pressing the button the deku leaf is on to release a burst of air that can repel enemies like peahats.

How To

  1. Jump off of a ledge and pull out the deku leaf.
  2. While gliding, quickly press A to cancel the leaf and then immediately pull it out again. This step may be repeated as many times as desired (and as the capacity of your magic meter will allow) to reach the desired ledge.
  3. Once you are approaching the ledge you wish to grab, wait until you see the very front edge of the deku leaf "touch" the ledge (using the free-camera feature can help here). Press A and hold the stick towards the ledge to grab it.


  • It is important to switch between the button the leaf is equipped on and the A button very quickly; otherwise, you may lose height instead of maintaining it.
  • Depending on where you are performing this trick, the speed and accuracy at which you must alternate may be either very demanding (as is the case with the method of skipping the Earth Temple boss key), or quite forgiving (as with flower surfing skip in the Forbidden Woods).
  • Although leaf pumping does allow for a maintenance of height, it does not increase your forward momentum.
  • Leaf pumping drains your magic power much quicker than gliding normally because pulling out the leaf uses a 1/4 unit of magic (the double magic meter contains 8 units of magic; the normal meter contains 4).
Last updated 01/30/2018 – gymnast86