Miscellaneous Glitches

Camera "Lock"

Discovered by indykenobi

Whenever Link is about to enter a door, the camera swings around so that Link and the door are centered on the screen. In some places, it is possible to get the camera stuck at this angle.

Walk up to a door so that the camera changes its position, then use C to enter first person mode. Stand on the right side of the door and hold up and right while looking to the left, so that the camera view starts to jitter. Once the camera is jittering, exit first person mode and immediately run backwards out of the door zone. If done correctly, the camera will remain at the same angle, and will not rotate around Link as he moves.

The camera will become stuck in place with the following exceptions:

  • Entering a zone that modifies the camera will modify the camera as usual, breaking the lock.
  • Entering water will break the lock. No superswimming here.
  • Z-Targeting will rotate the camera behind Link as usual. However, when you release Z, the camera will return to its locked angle.

This camera lock has no known uses at this time.

Bush Teleport

Carrying Invisible Objects

Discovered by Kazooie

Fi Diving

Furnix Fatal Blow Glitch

Discovered by sva

Skulltula Glitch

If you interrupt the skulltulla death animation with a bomb explosion, the skulltulla's dark corpse will never vanish.

Rocket Ampilus Shell

Discovered by indykenobi

Ampilus Egg Duplication

Discovered by indykenobi

Ledge Clipping

Discovered by Venick

Actors that push Link around without being pushed by him can push Link out of bounds while he is hanging from a ledge.

Death Clipping

Shielding Stance Glitch

Discovered by Kazooie and Akheon

Long Jump Attack (LJA)

Discovered by Kazooie

In Skyward Sword, it is possible to get a long jump attack by targetting something that is standing above ground that is higher than you. It does not give enough extra distance to have many uses in speedruns: its main use is in the Wisdom Room of Sky Keep where it helps to avoid using the double clawshots.

Clean Cut Minigame Rupee Glitch

While the minigame owner only asks for 10 rupees, you actually need 20 rupees to play the Clean Cut minigame in the US 1.0 version. This was patched in later versions.

"Game Breaking Glitch"

This glitch is famous and prompted Nintendo to release a patch. This only occurs on 1.0 versions of the game. After meeting with Levias, complete the Lanayru Song of the Hero quest. Once that is done, go back to the Lanayru Mines and talk to Golo again. This will set the flag that you have started the Lanayru Song of the Hero quest again, despite the fact that you've already completed it. This makes it impossible to start the other quests.

Contrarely to popular belief, the glitch is not related to doing the Lanayru Song of the Hero quest first. It can also happen when doing it second.

Loftwing Tutorial Zelda Textbox glitch

Discovered by peppernicus

Trigger a textbox during the Zelda tutorial (by picking up a rupee, or activating the life tree seedling for example). When Zelda attempts to talk to Link again, it will trigger the textboxes with ids that follow the textbox you just triggered. This is a funny effect but it is unfortunately useless.

Last updated 07/06/2023 – azer67