Lava Hop

Discovered by Venick


A Lava Hop is a trick that gives a one-frame window for Link to jump off of lava, potentially allowing new areas to be reached.

How To

First, you must jump onto the lava while triggering some sort of cutscene (rock explosions, Goddess Cubes, etc). After the cutscene plays, you will have a single frame to input a jump; either front hop, sidehop, or backflip.

The reason this works is due to the hierarchy of triggers; triggers are executed in the following orders:

  • Ground Triggers: Fi Text > Cutscene > Death > 1 frame input > Lava
  • Remote Triggers: Fi Text > Death > Cutscene > 1 frame input > Lava

Thus, assuming a cutscene intervenes, you'll always have one frame afterwards to input a jump before the lava trigger activates.


Due to the difficulty of timing the single-frame input after the cutscene, Lava Hop is generally considered a TAS-only trick. It has an important application in Eldin Volcano where it can be used to access the upper cave early which allows accessing entrance 5 early for the Gate of Time Skip ; and another one in the Earth Temple, where it can be used to skip the boulder-rolling section.

Last updated 04/17/2022 – azer67