Skyview Temple

Reverse BiTWarp into Skyview Temple

This is usually done to skip the first visit in the Sealed Grounds, the Kikwis and the Slingshot. Due to that, it requires a Faron BiT enabled file with the Faron light pillar and diving. The file setup is the following:

  • File 1: Faron BiT enabled file on Skyloft. On Skyloft, you must have talked to Fledge before meeting Zelda (scene flag 5x80), rescued the Remlit (scene flag 2x10), and left Wryna's house (scene flag 0x04)
  • File 2: Saved in Sealed Grounds layer 0 after watching the Sealed Grounds introductory cutscene (important to have Deep Woods in layer 1 and not layer 0). Saving in the Sealed Grounds layer 0 means not having the Tunic yet.

Follow the next steps:

  • Activate BiT
  • Copy File 2 to File 3. This is not necessary but is usually helpful to avoid the Lake Floria Door cutscene in Faron BiT.
  • Bonk with File 1 to open the Academy Gates
  • Check the Upper Academy Statue with File 1 (again, this is to avoid the Floria Door cutscene later). BiTSave File 2 at the Upper Academy Statue.
  • Select File 1 again to re-open the Gates. Jump off the platform north of the Bazaar and enter the Sky via the Village Windmill loading zone with File 1.
  • Dive to the Faron Pillar with File 1, and switch to File 2 after getting past the clouds (this gives a shorter landing cutscene in the Spiral)
  • In the Spiral, select File 1 to bring the log to Behind the Temple down (scene flag 5x80).
  • Enter Behind the Temple and Faron Woods with File 1.
  • In Faron Woods, either make a Corrupt File or a BiTSaved new file on File 3 at the In the Woods Statue. Having a Skyloft File on slot 3 specifically saves a little bit of time.
  • You can bring down the log near the In the Woods Statue with File 1, but be careful about the Lake Floria Door cutscene which activates when you look towards them with File 1 selected.
  • Die to the Octorok with File 2 selected, then switch to File 1 during the death cutscene. This will reload Faron Woods in layer 0 (due to dying with File 2), but with the scene flags from File 1. Most importantly, this brings down the vine to Deep Woods (scene flag 0x04).
  • Enter Deep Woods with File 2 (for Deep Woods layer 1)
  • Open the Splash Screen as soon as possible. Because File 3 is a Skyloft File, it will trigger the Crystal that opens the Skyview Doors during the cutscene from the scene flags committed previously with File 1 (scene flag 2x10).
  • Select File 2 and skip the Deep Woods intro cutscene. This will warp Link to the Crystal hit cutscene. Deselect and Re-select File 2 during the crystal cutscene in order to get rid of the Deep Woods intro cuscene story flag (which would trigger an extra Fi Text)
  • DO NOT RESELECT FILES DURING THE DOOR OPENING CUTSCENE. After the Skyview Entering Cutscene starts, Select File 2. Press Start followed by 2 to skip the cutscene.

This will Reverse BiTWarp File 2 into the Skyview Temple with the Upper Academy Statue coordinates. It also RBMs the value for the Skyview entering cutscene, meaning that Skyview will be in the layer 1 state.

Note: The Skyview Entering Cutscene only exists in Deep Woods layer 1, hence the Sealed Grounds Introductory Cutscene requirement on File 2. You could also Reverse BiTWarp into Skyview Temple without the entering cutscene playing if you wish to (or Reverse BiTWarp into Deep Woods to enter Skyview from the back), but that is slower since beating Skyview Zero adds a RBM.

Combined Skyview Route

By using both the Early Farore's Silent Realm trick and the Early Thunderhead trick, it is possible to obtain the Water Dragon's Scale before finishing Skyview Temple. This sets the layer for Skyview to its Skyview 2 state which has the following key differences:

  • There are two Staldra instead of one when reloading after the BiTWarp Skip.
  • There is no Skulltula when returning from the Staldra room.
  • There is no Stalfos guarding the Beetle.
  • There are two Bokoblin Archers guarding the rope to the boss door, requiring the Skyward Strike strat.

Because Skyview 1 has not been completed, there are some interesting side-effects:

  • The boss key must still be obtained.
  • The cutscene when entering the boss room is glitched, but can be skipped.
  • Ghirahim 1 will appear on the first visit to the boss room.
  • Both the Ruby Tablet and the Sacred Water can be obtained in Skyview Spring.
  • The triple Stalfos fight will appear on the second visit to the boss room.

Because of these unique properties, it is possible to combine both visits to Skyview Temple into a single visit, thus saving time over having to redo the dungeon a second time, even in its abbreviated state.

Both Visits: BiTWarp Skip

Discovered by CloudMax, BiTWarp by GlitchesAndStuff

This trick skips both Small Keys in Skyview Temple, and therefore two-thirds of the dungeon.

When you enter Skyview Temple, save at the first statue, then activate BiT, either via a corrupt file or dying to the Keese. BiTWarp at the Upper Academy Statue, and you should appear in the circular room at the center of Skyview. The room will be only partially loaded.

To reload the room, go to the room with the Boss Key and follow the path on the right, entering the door when you reach the end. Kill the Staldra (or two Staldras, if using the Combined Skyview route) to unlock the door and go back the way you came to reload the main room. From here you can either go directly to the Boss Key or go back through the gate and obtain the Beetle.

This same BiTWarp can be used during the second visit to Skyview. For that visit, you can activate BiT using bombs, then after the warp, reload the room by saving at the nearby statue and either deathwarping or reloading your file. You can then proceed to the triple Stalfos fight.

First Visit: Passing the Skulltula

If you perform the BiTWarp above, you'll reach a Skulltula blocking a jump over a pit. To pass the Skulltula without the Beetle, you can use a horizontal Skyward Strike to cause the spider to swing like a pendulum, and jump past it with good timing.

If using the Combined Skyview route, this Skulltula is absent, so this trick does not have to be done.

First Visit: Stalfos Strategies

This method is the most consistent method for handling the Stalfos, but it requires a shield.

  • Spin attack.
  • Slash into its guard to cause an attack.
  • Shield bash.
  • Spin attack twice.
  • Slash into its guard to cause an attack.
  • Shield bash.
  • Slash twice, then spin attack to finish it.

As an additional small timesaver after the Stalfos dies but before the chest spawns, if you aim the camera 45 degrees left of where the Beetle chest will spawn, you'll skip a small camera panning cutscene after the chest spawns. You can also C-up before the chest spawns.

This Stalfos is absent if using the Combined Skyview route, making obtaining the Beetle trivial in such runs.

Both Visits: Skip Flying the Beetle for the Heart Piece

Discovered by gymnast86

By standing at the right spot and aiming correctly, it is possible to hit the crystal with the slingshot to open the gate to the heart piece. This skips flying the Beetle to the crystal and saves about 10 seconds.

First Visit: Vine Shortcut after Boss Key

Instead of climbing the vine wall and having to recross the tight rope, jump back to the vine you previously used. If you are low enough on the vine and gain enough speed, you can reach the second vine and then jump over to the Boss Door.

Skip the Ghirahim Fight

It is possible to completely skip the Ghirahim 1 fight using Reverse BiTMagic. This trick requires the Practice Sword to have been obtained on at least one file.

Video Forthcoming

The corresponding flag is Dx08. On Skyloft it is set by triggering the Shiekah Stone cutscene near the Sparring Hall. This cutscene can be enabled by saving a file that has obtained the Practice Sword during BiT. Start your file, then run into the trigger to perform the RBM. Note that this skips isn't faster than fighting Ghirahim by itself, but becomes faster to perform when you need to copy a file in Skyview.

First Visit: Ghirahim Strategies

Phase 1

In the first phase, you must move Ghirahim's hand to one side, then attack from the other once he locks his hand in place. You can hit him three times before he will begin to dodge again. One recommended method is:

  • Move sword to the right.
  • Spin attack left to right.
  • While spin attacking, stab. The stab will occur right after the spin attack.
  • Repeat this three more times to start phase 2.

Phase 2

Ghirahim's second phase is slightly random, as he has four possible attacks. In general, you want to wait for him to be vulnerable, then attack in a specific pattern. It is possible to finish Ghirahim's second phase in six cycles:

Cycle 1:

  • Slash.
  • Spin attack.
  • Spin attack and stab while spinning.
  • If done correctly, the stab will land as Ghirahim is jumping backwards. The timing for this is somewhat precise.

Cycles 2-6:

  • Slash, then spin attack.

It is important to slash first before spin attacking, as Ghirahim takes more damage when stunned. If the stab in the first cycle doesn't land, or you use a different combo, it will take seven cycles to defeat Ghirahim.

These are the attacks that Ghirahim uses:

Straight Attack

In this attack, Ghirahim will hold his sword in a guard position for a second or two, then attack. This is the easiest attack to deal with, as he is vulnerable immediately.

Teleport Attack

In this attack, Ghirahim will disappear, and then reappear either in front of or behind you, with his sword held in a guard position. He is vulnerable immediately after reappearing.

Dash Attack

In this attack, Ghirahim will hold his sword behind him to either side (sometimes hopping backwards first to gain distance), and then charge you. He is vulnerable while charging, but you have to time the slash carefully. As a safer alternative, you can spin attack, but you'll lose the chance at a six-cycle fight. As an even safer alternative, you can shield bash this dash attack.

Dart Attack

In this attack, Ghirahim will summon five red daggers in a line and fling them at you. This is the worst attack to get, as he is never vulnerable during it. The fastest way to deal with this is to swing your sword to hit all five darts, thus cancelling the attack.

General Strategy

You want to get as few dart attacks as possible, and cancel those you do get as quickly as possible. One good strategy is to not Z-target until he is vulnerable, and to try to herd him towards the center of the room. This will minimize dart attacks and avoid him teleporting away from you when he reaches the edge of the arena.

Second Visit: Skip Bombing Bokoblins

Discovered by tlozsr

To defeat the Bokoblin Archers guarding the tightrope in front of the boss door, it is normally required to use the Beetle to drop a bomb on the archers. However, this can be skipped by using the upgraded Hero Mode Skyward Strike to hit the Bokoblin Archers from the other side of the rope. With a good angle, you can hit both archers in a single Skyward Strike. A good way to get the angle required is to stand in the right corner of the platform near the rope, and aim for the left edge of the boss door.

Second Visit: Triple Stalfos Strategy

There is a quick method for killing all three Stalfos at once using bombs and Skyward Strikes. Follow these steps:

  • Throw a bomb across the room and sprint after it, placing it between you and the Stalfos.
  • Charge a Skyward Strike as the Stalfos pursue you.
  • The bomb should explode and stun all three Stalfos. Quickly fire a horizontal Skyward Strike to hit all three, then move inbetween the Stalfos and hit them with a spin attack.
  • Repeat this once and the Stalfos should fall.

You can speed up the above a little by throwing the second bomb in between the first Skyward Strike and the first spin attack, but the timing becomes tighter. If one of the Stalfos survives the second round, just finish it off normally.

Unused Strategies

Vine skip in west water room

Discovered by logitechSDAZ

By running next to the spiders on the bridge, you're able to jump past them, which allows you to skip the vines in the room.

Jump from Map Chest to East Room

Discovered by gymnast86

Mogma Text Skip

In the eastern water room, you can skip the Mogma text near the web by running up the wall next to the first blue mushroom on the right. After getting the key, enter the crawlspace while being angled to the left, so that you can jump out of the crawlspace directly into the water, skipping the mogma text again.

Slingshot Crystal after 2nd small key

Skyview Zero

Skyview Zero is the state that Skyview Temple is in before you watch the cutscene of Link entering the Skyview Temple in Deep Woods. Many parts of the temple are unloaded, including most doors, making the temple difficult to navigate. This is because to set the layer of Skyview to be layer 1 you need to watch the cutscene of Link walking into the temple (that triggers after hitting the switch and opening the doors to the temple). As such, skipping hitting the switch causes Skyview to be in layer 0, aka Skyview Zero. In layer 0, only actors that exist on every layer are present, and nothing else. Because the temple is so bare bone, it is impossible to complete this without further glitching.

Entering Skyview Zero

Save at a statue in the Deep Woods and activate BiT. Perform a BiTWarp at the Lower Academy statue; the positioning here is important, as the wrong position will lead to an infinite voiding loop. One position that works is standing next to the statue on the left side.

Once you've done the BiTWarp, you'll end up behind Skyview Temple. The walls here aren't solid, so you can run to the stairs leading into Skyview and jump into them from behind. Walk up the stairs to the loading zone and you'll enter Skyview Zero.

Things to do

Since most doors are unloaded, it is very difficult to do anything useful in Skyview Zero. One thing you can do is obtain the Dungeon Map; this is the same dungeon map as the other two versions of Skyview. It's even possible to do this without the slingshot, as the slingshot switches can also be activated with the sword.

You can also do the same BiTWarp as the other versions of Skyview to reach the central room. You can enter the Beetle room, but the Stalfos fight will not trigger, trapping you there. You cannot reach the Boss Room, as the tightrope doesn't load.

Beating Skyview Zero

It is possible to make the tightrope to the boss door load by saving at the hub room statue and reloading. However this causes the gate that prevents you from progressing straight to the boss door to appear. Luckily, using the Reverse BiTMagic technique, it is possible to set the switch controlling that gate to be hit, and cause the gate to open.

Video Forthcoming

The corresponding flag on Skyloft is set by talking to Flegde in the Academy after delivering the barrels to the kitchen. Start your file on the first textbox after receiving the 20 rupee reward to open the gate.

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