The Sky

Early Song of the Hero with CSWW

By using the Cutscene Wrong Warp glitch, it is possible to wrong warp into the cutscene where you learn the last part of the Song of the Hero from Levias. This requires going to Faron in BiT. To perform this glitch, a file must be saved in room 0 entrance 8. Being saved at this entrance and performing Death Trick inside the Thunderhead will force the Song of the Hero Cutscene to start, which will allow you to learn the Song of the Hero and spawn Levias. The corresponding entrances are:

  • Lower Waterfall Cave exit on Skyloft
  • Failing the minecart minigame in Shipyard

Perform BiT. Go to Faron in BiT. Perform the Early Thunderhead Groosenator Launch to go to the Thunderhead in BiT. This requires beating the Imprisoned 3 and a file saved in Skyview Temple after talking to the Stone Tablet in the first eye room. Once in the Thunderhead, die with bombs. Press Continue and start the file saved at one of the aforementionned entranced precisely (the frame window is 2 frames). If done correctly, holding 2 should skip a cutscene while your file is loading. This performs a Reverse BiTWarp into the end of the Song of the Hero Cutscene. You will spawn on Levias' back with the Song of the Hero learnt.


  • This will not allow you to open the Goddess Silent Realm on Skyloft, as this checks for every part of the Song of the Hero.
  • If you use file duping to learn the Song of the Hero on a file that has not met Levias yet, this can be used to spawn Levias early and meet him early.

Skip Fi's map text

Discovered by Aleckermit

When first flying to Faron, it is possible to skip the text where Fi tells you about the map. By diving off your loftwing at a high enough height before the text triggers, you can skydive over to the Faron entrance.

If you skip the adventure pouch (in a Harp run, for example), the dive button for your loftwing will not be unlocked, and thus you will be unable to do this trick.

Isle of Songs Puzzle Solution

While there are many solutions, the fastest solution is as follows:

  • Strike the right gem.
  • Push the central spindle 6 times.
  • Strike the top gem.
  • Push the central spindle 9 times.
  • Strike the right gem.
  • Push the central spindle once to solve the puzzle.

Puzzle Cutscene Skip

Discovered by Pok3monrocks

By sidehopping as you complete the Isle of Songs Puzzle, you can skip the cutscene that plays when you solve the puzzle, thereby saving 3-4 seconds.

What Song will I learn?

With the discovery of Reverse BiTMagic, it became possible to beat dungeons out of order, and thus came the question of what are actually the requirements to learn each song. When you skyward strike the goddess crest, the cutscene that you will watch depends sorely on what sword you have in your inventory: with the Goddess Sword you will learn Farore's Courage, with the Goddess Longsword you will learn Nayru's Wisdom, with the Goddess White Sword you will learn Din's Power. If you have the Practice Sword, the Master Sword or the True Master Sword, you will not learn any song.

Spiral Charge route

Route by Nimzo9

The route below is the fastest known route for spiral charge, able to get a time of 76 seconds remaining.

Bug Heaven route

The Bug Wrangler mode of Bug Heaven is required during 100% runs. The following route, if done perfectly, can get times under 50 seconds, and can be consistently done in under a minute.

  • Run to the right at the start and swing across the water.
  • Catch the Gerudo Dragonfly at the bottom of the slope.
  • Run up the slope and catch the Eldin Roller at the top.
  • Catch the Sand Cicada on the tree ahead.
  • Run back around the circle the other way and catch the Lanayru Ant.
  • Continue around the circle and break the rightmost pot.
  • Catch the Skyloft Mantis that emerges.
  • Jump into the middle area and drop down the hole.
  • Roll through the web and catch the Eldin Roller.
  • Break the pots on the right side of this room.
  • Catch the Faron Grasshopper that emerges.
  • Roll through the web and catch the Woodland Rhino Beetle on the right pillar.
  • Run up the stairs at the other end.
  • Continue along the path (there's a backup Eldin Roller here).
  • Catch the Blessed Butterfly.
  • Run through the grass and catch the Faron Grasshopper to finish.

Fun Fun Island strategy

To increase your odds in the Fun Fun Island minigame, use the following strategy. As you pass through the final ring, find your target spot on the circle below you. Treating the board as a clock, aim for the spot three hours later on a clock. Then make adjustments as you come in to land.

For example: as you pass through the last ring, the 50 rupee space is at the top of the circle (12 o'clock). Aim for the right side of the circle (3 o'clock), and then make adjustments from there.

For the adjustments, when you are skydiving the more you move left and right, the faster you will fall. So if you have to move a lot to reach your target area, you won't have to make many adjustments. However, if you don't have to move at all to reach your target, then you'll have to make more adjustments as you fall.

Loftwing Speed Glitch

Discovered by peppernicus

If you have the ability to dive during the loftwing tutorial, it is possible to dive towards a zipper, and call your loftwing to make it enter it. For some reason, the speed boost from the zipper will never wear off. Also, the longer you are stuck inside the zipper the more speed you will build.

Unused Strategies

Enter Isle of Songs without solving puzzle

Discovered by theworm826 and tlozsr

It is possible to enter the Isle of Songs without solving the puzzle at all. Land on the Isle and push the spindle so that the outermost platform moves once. Now dive off the island and call your loftwing. Quickly land on the middle platform, then as the outer platform rotates around, run onto it. You can then roll into the Isle of Songs as the platform passes the crawlspace.

This trick is very precise and slow to setup, making it actually slower to do in full game runs.

Sky Early Life Tree Seedling

While it is slower than the usual Early Life Tree Seedling on Skyloft, it is interesting to note that you can use Reverse BiTMagic to make the Life Tree Seedling appear in the Lumpy Pumpkin island pumpkin patch. This is not a regular scene flag RBM as the life tree seedling is a temporary scene flag (temporary flag 2x20) but the concept is the exact same.

To do this, save your file in the Sky (either at the Lumpy Pumpkin statue or inside Isle of Songs). Activate BiT and maneuver near the Owl Statue that opens Sky Keep in BiT Skyloft. Start your file then bonk the tree left of the Owl Statue.

The next step is to commit the flag and look at the pumpkin patch to get a Fi Text. You can now dig up the life tree seedling.

Land/Walk on top of Skyloft

Method 1 - Standard Method

The Bazaar loading zone and the Village loading zone don't quite connect like they should, and thus there is a tiny place where there are no loading zones leading to Skyloft. By diving precisely in that spot, it is possible to land on top of Skyloft without triggering the loading. This does not have any uses.

Method 2 - With a Tornado

Make a tornado spawn over Skyloft, and fly into it. Jump off right before you collide with it. You should land on Skyloft while your loftwing is thrown into the air. The timing for jumping off is precise.

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