Wrong Warping

Discovered by CloudMax & Kazooie


In some maps, the bird statues in other sections will remain loaded, even while the area around it isn't. For example, while you are in the Temple of Time area, the Lanayru Desert area is partially loaded and the bird statues in that area still exist. Going to such a bird statue and choosing to return to the sky or the entrance of a temple will cause you to be warped to a strange location. These wrong warps are caused by out of bounds statues being assigned a wierd index value meant for the map's list of exits to send the player to. Invalid index values cause crashes.

Table of Wrong Warps

Sealed Grounds
Behind the TempleSealed Grounds StatueCrash
Behind the TempleSealed Grounds DoorSealed Temple
Sealed GroundsBehind the Temple StatueFlooded Faron Woods
Sealed GroundsSealed Temple DoorBehind the Temple
Sealed TempleBehind the Temple StatueTemple of Hylia
Sealed TempleSealed Grounds StatueCrash
Temple of HyliaBehind the Temple DoorSealed Temple
Hylia's RealmBehind the Temple DoorHylia's Realm †
Lake Floria
Floria WaterfallLake Floria StatueCrash
Lake FloriaFloria Waterfall StatueCrash
Lanayru Desert
Temple of TimeLanayru Desert StatueCrash
Lanayru DesertTemple of Time StatueStone Cache
Fire Sanctuary
Bridges/Southern Outdoor AreaBoss Door StatueBoss Room
Bridges/Southern Outdoor AreaNorth western Outdoor Area StatueCrash
Boss Door AreaSouthern Outdoor Area StatueCrash
Boss Door AreaEastern Circle Room StatueCrash
Boss Door AreaNorth western Circle Room StatueCrash
Boss Door AreaWestern Corner Room StatueCrash

† - Link's sound set will change into a Bokoblin's, no events will trigger, & actors will be missing.

Last updated 11/10/2019 – gymnast86