Wrong Warping

Discovered by CloudMax & Kazooie


In some maps, the bird statues in other sections will remain loaded, even while the area around it isn't. For example, while you are in the Temple of Time area, the Lanayru Desert area is partially loaded and the bird statues in that area still exist. Going to such a bird statue and choosing to return to the sky or the entrance of a temple will cause you to be warped to a strange location. These wrong warps happen due to the statues having an exit index value that corresponds to the sky only on the map they're supposed to be accessed on, but the sky being a different index on the exit list of the adjacent map.

Video Example

Table of Wrong Warps

Sealed Grounds
Behind the Temple (F400)Sealed Grounds StatueCrash
Behind the Temple (F400)Sealed Grounds Big DoorSealed Grounds (from Behind the Temple, without Statue of the Goddess)
Behind the Temple (F400)Sealed Temple DoorSealed Temple (from Behind the Temple)
Sealed Grounds (F401)Behind the Temple StatueFlooded Faron Woods
Sealed Grounds (F401)Sealed Temple DoorBehind the Temple (from Sealed Grounds)
Sealed Grounds (F401)Behind the Temple DoorBehind the Temple (from Sealed Grounds)
Sealed Temple (F402)Behind the Temple StatueTemple of Hylia (from Gate of Time)
Sealed Temple (F402)Behind the Temple DoorBehind the Temple (from Temple)
Sealed Temple (F402)Sealed Grounds StatueCrash
Temple of Hylia (F404)Hylia's Temple Door (to Behind the Temple) †Hylia's Realm
Temple of Hylia (F404)Behind the Temple Door (to Hylia's Temple)Sealed Temple (from Gate of Time) ††
Hylia's Realm (F403)Hylia's Temple Door (to Behind the Temple) †††Temple of Hylia (from Hylia's Realm)
Hylia's Realm (F403)Behind the Temple Door (to Hylia's Temple)Hylia's Realm on Layer 13 ††††
Sealed Temple (Cutscene Stage) (F407) †††††Behind the Temple Door (to Behind the Temple)Sealed Temple (Sky Keep Save Prompt)
Sealed Temple (Cutscene Stage) (F407) †††††Sealed Grounds Big Door (to Sealed Grounds)Temple of Hylia (from Gate of Time)
Lake Floria
Floria WaterfallLake Floria StatueCrash
Lake FloriaFloria Waterfall StatueCrash
Lanayru Desert
Temple of TimeLanayru Desert StatuesCrash
Lanayru DesertTemple of Time StatuesStone Cache
Lanayru Mining Facility
Lanayru Mining Facility Southern StageNorthern Stage StatuesExit dungeon normally
Lanayru Mining Facility Northern StageSouthern Stage StatuesExit dungeon normally
Fire Sanctuary
Fire Sanctuary Inner Stage Boss Door StatueBoss Room
Fire Sanctuary Inner StageOther Outer Stage StatuesCrash
Fire Sanctuary Outer StageInner Stage StatuesCrash

† - This door requires Room 2 Zone flag 1x02 to unlock, which is not possible without cheats.

†† - This softlocks if the Gate of Time hasn't been raised (only in Sealed Temple, it is not the case in Hylia's Temple)

††† - This door requires Room 1 Zone flag 1x20 to unlock, which is not possible without cheats.

†††† - This is the Horde Cutscene layer. If that cutscene was already watched, then Link's sound set will change into a Bokoblin's, no events will trigger, & actors will be missing. Otherwise the Horde cutscene will play correctly, even if you didn't beat Sky Keep, thanks to the forced layer 13 load. The other warp to Hylia's Realm is not like this and will instead load the layer according to your story flags.

††††† - This stage is a Sealed Temple version only used for some cutscenes: during the Gate of Time opening cutscene and the cutscene after beating Sky Keep. There are no known ways to gain control over Link on that stage.

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