Silent Realms

Skip Fi's Singing

Discovered by gymnast86

It's possible to skip the cutscenes where Fi sings after you finish playing the Goddess's Harp. To do it, you must cancel the Harp by pressing B as you start your last strum for the last petal to appear. This trick works for every trial gate and for opening the thunderhead.

General Strategies

Jingle Skip

After collecting all the tears in a Silent Realm, if you roll into the finishing circle at the right time, you will skip the short musical jingle that plays when you finish a Silent Realm, and the tears will begin to collect immediately, instead of waiting. This saves a small amount of time on each Silent Realm.

Skipping Light Fruits

While it is possible to skip ever obtaining a Light Fruit and thereby skip the textbox and cutscene associated with it, many times avoiding them costs more time than is saved by doing so. In addition, it is convenient in the Faron Trial to get a Light Fruit to refill stamina.

Farore's Silent Realm

Tear Map


Written Route

  • Head for Tear 1. Make sure to not get hit by the watcher waiting for you.
  • Climb to where Erla was for Tear 2.
  • Jump onto the log and cross to the island for Tear 3.
  • Cross back over the log and turn left for Tear 4.
  • Through the crawlway and straight ahead up the ledges for Tear 5.
  • Follow the log and grab a Light Fruit to refill stamina.
  • Cross the rope for Tear 6.
  • Jump down and get Tear 7 in front of the Sky Guardian.
  • Turn to the right and drop off the small ledge nearby for Tear 8.
  • Straight ahead for Tear 9 on the island in retracting Waking Water.
  • Turn left and run along the wall on your right to find Tear 10.
  • Turn sharp left again and run along the wall and up the sandy slope for Tear 11.
  • Continue along the path and through a branch arch to the left for Tear 12.
  • Turn left and dodge the Sky Watcher, then climb the ledges after the arch for Tear 13.
  • Jump off around the log
  • Climb to the top of the Viewing Platform for Tear 14.
  • Jump off the Viewing Platform, Get Tear 15 and head straight forward to finish the trial.

Video Guide (Outdated)

Nayru's Silent Realm

Tear Map


Written Route

  • Immediately run to the left and cross the sinksand to get Tear 1.
  • Run back along the sunken sinksand path and climb onto the walls in front for Tear 2.
  • Turn sharp right and run over to the minecart and stamina fruit. Pull the minecart back five times, then front hop onto it and jump backwards for Tear 3.
  • Climb the minecart next to the wall for Tear 4.
  • Jump down straight ahead, run past the wall ahead and turn left, then bonk the tree to shake loose Tear 5.
  • Jump off straight ahead and grab Tear 6 in front of you.**
  • Turn left and dodge through the Watchers, then run up the ramp on the left to find Tear 7 on a wall.
  • Jump down and push the minecart six times, then climb the cage for Tear 8.
  • Jump to the center building, turn right and climb the crates for Tear 9.
  • Climb to the next level, run past the vines, and drop onto Tear 10.
  • Climb back up to the next level, climb the vines, make a half circle and climb more vines to find Tear 11 on top of LMF.
  • Turn around and drop two levels to find Tear 12 on top of a crate.
  • Get on the wall straight ahead, turn left, and either avoid the Watchers or get caught intentionally to refill stamina; continue along the wall for Tear 13.
  • Jump off the wall and grab the Tear 14 on the stairs.
  • Jump from the stairs to the wall ahead, then find Tear 15 near the generator lock.
  • Avoid the Sky Watcher and return to the circle to pass the trial.

** It is possible to avoid getting caught here, but it is tricky. Getting caught intentionally before Tear 6 is a safer strat, and costs only a couple seconds, as it allows you to grab a quicker stamina refill before Tear 13. It's possible to avoid getting caught completely, although getting a quick cycle before Tear 13 is difficult.

Video Guide

Din's Silent Realm

Tear Map


Written Route

  • Run up the passage to the left and grab Tear 1.
  • Run up past the wall on the left and then down the slope there for Tear 2.
  • Run all the way up the slope and find Tear 3 in the Bokoblin Camp.
  • Run back down the slope and through the passage to find Tear 4 on a ledge behind a Sky Watcher.
  • Sidehop off the ledge to land on a lava platform, then cross both bone bridges. Climb the ledges on the left and cross the lava platforms to Tear 5 on the bone skull.
  • Run back and climb the ledges until the rope; use it to swing to Tear 6.
  • Continue along the ledges to find Tear 7 where a Heart Piece was.
  • Jump down and follow the path to the left to find Tear 8.
  • Run back and head through the crawlspace, then climb the tightrope to Tear 9.
  • Make your way all the way back to the second bone bridge, cross it, then climb these ledges to find Tear 10.
  • Jump from here to the first bone bridge, climb the ledges, then drop down the vines for Tear 11.
  • Run through the passage and take the vent up, then find Tear 12 on the ledge behind the Waking Water pool.
  • Slide down the right hand side of the slope, then cross the vents to find Tear 13 where the fourth key shard was.
  • Turn left and run up the sand slope between the Waking Water for Tear 14.
  • Slide down the slope and follow the path to Tear 15.
  • Follow the passage back to the circle to complete the trial.

Video Guide

Goddess's Silent Realm

Tear Map

Goddess Silent Realm

Written Route

  • Get Tear 1 right in front of you.
  • Continue up the stairs straight ahead; pause for the Watcher and grab Tear 2 on the flight platform.
  • Turn around and dodge the Sky Watcher to grab Tear 3 in front of the bench.
  • Run straight ahead to the right side of the Bazaar for Tear 4.
  • Follow the Bazaar wall to the Upper Academy stairs and Tear 5.
  • Turn left and head to the left of the purple barriers, then climb to the roof for Tear 6.
  • Drop down and push the crate 3 times, then climb it and jump to Tear 7.
  • Run back down the Upper Academy stairs and dash over the nearest wooden fence post, then walk along the strut to Tear 8.
  • Follow the scaffolding path down to Tear 9.
  • Cross the stepping stones in the water for Tear 10.
  • Jump onto the Waking Water and cross it to the village; follow the left path around to Tear 11 where the pumpkin patch was.
  • Turn around and head straight ahead for Tear 12.
  • Clip through the purple barrier (see below) and jump left to Tear 13 in the graveyard.
  • Run up to the bridge and grab Tear 14.
  • Return to the Light Tower to find Tear 15 on top.
  • Jump down to the circle to complete the trial.

Note: It is possible to get the Light Tower tear first; the remaining route is the same.

Video Guide

Jump past graveyard wall

Discovered by CloudMax

In silent realms, it is possible to clip into the purple walls by entering them from the side. By abusing this fact, it is possible to jump past the purple wall between the bridge & the graveyard. You perform a jump or a backflip into the wall from the side to end up either inside of the wall, or on the opposite side of it, then continue from there.

This saves time so that you do not have to run around the building.

Skip the first Watcher

Discovered by Deesh

When anything is off the camera in this game, it is essentially just frozen, and doesn't move. You can use this to your advantage at the start of the Skyloft Trial by turning around before the first Watcher's cycle starts after collecting the tear.

This saves time so that you do not have to wait for the watcher to move before getting the second Tear.

Last updated 08/07/2021 – azer67