Any% No BiT


In this category, the Back in Time glitch, and all its derivatives, are banned. All other glitches are allowed. This also means the file setup doesn't matter; all you need is a blank Hero Mode file in one of the three slots.

Your blank Hero Mode file needs at least one Ancient Flower (to repair Scrapper); if you want to do the upgrade to Quick Beetle, you'll need as well:

  • 2 Ancient Flower (so 3 total)
  • 2 Hornet Larvae
  • 1 Golden Skull


  • Zelda Cutscene at Goddess Statue
  • Groose Cutscene at Plaza
  • Practice Sword
  • Red rupees in waterfall cave crawlspace (40 R)
    • Only if you will upgrade to Quick Beetle
  • Rescue your Loftwing
  • Sidehop cutscene skip
  • Wing Ceremony and Sailcloth
  • Follow Fi to Goddess Statue
  • Goddess Sword
  • Place Emerald Tablet
  • Adventure Pouch
  • Wooden Shield from Owlan
  • Fly to Faron

Faron Woods 1

  • Deku Babas
  • Skyward Strike in the pit
  • Revitalizing Potion
  • Impa and her beacon
  • Gorko Bokoblin fight
  • Machi Bokoblin fight
  • Visit In the Woods statue
  • Roll into wall to knock vine loose
  • Machi conversation
  • Fight Bokoblins for Lopsa
  • Grass Cutting for Erla
  • Through the Hole for Oolo
  • Slingshot
  • Push down log above In the Woods statue
  • Visit Viewing Platform statue
  • Deep Woods
  • Extending Blow OR Goddess Cube warp and Fi Text Skip
  • Push down log on ledge nearby
  • Enter Skyview Temple

Skyview Temple

  • Shoot first switch with slingshot
  • Spin sword to defeat eye guardian
  • Activate switch on lower level
  • Hit switch in western room to raise water
  • Hit switch on upper level in main room
  • Roll through crawlspace on lower level and hit switch to raise water
  • Return to main room and cross log to vines
  • Spin sword to defeat double eye guardians
  • Small Key
  • Stalfos fight
  • Beetle
  • Activate switch over western door with beetle
  • Use beetle to knock down crate
  • Kill skulltula and spin sword to defeat triple eye guardians
  • Small Key
  • Slingshot snipe to raise water level
  • Enter eastern door in main circular room
  • Kill Staldra and continue
  • Spider skip (or use the beetle)
  • Open gate with slingshot
  • Vine swinging fun
  • Boss Key
  • Take vines back to boss door
  • Ghirahim
  • Ruby Tablet
  • Fly to Skyloft (Goddess Statue)
  • Place Ruby Tablet
  • Fly to Eldin

Eldin Volcano 1

  • Remove wooden shield
  • Mogma cutscene
  • Run through lava cavern and bomb cavern
  • Bomb throwing trick to drain lava
  • Enter Mogma Turf
  • Bokoblin Fight for Digging Mitts
  • Fire Maze
  • Mogma/Impa cutscenes
  • Visit Volcano Ascent statue
  • Scale the sandy slopes
  • Just sayin' cutscene
  • First three key pieces
  • Save at Earth Temple Statue
  • Injure in burning room to 3-4 hearts
  • Two blue rupees on sand slide (50 R)
  • Fourth key shard
  • Jumpslash bomb at last key piece
  • Deathwarp via lava
  • Enter Earth Temple

Earth Temple

Lanayru Desert 1

  • Push first minecart to cross gap
  • Slingshot timeshift stone
  • Pull and ride first minecart
  • Bomb down statue
  • Cross the sinksand
  • Bomb rocks on minecart track
  • Roll bombs to activate timeshift stone
  • Pull and ride minecart to Desert
  • Dual Technoblin fight
  • Hook Beetle
  • Brake Slide to reach Fire Node
  • Fire generator room
  • Bomb open lightning generator
  • Lightning generator room
  • Visit North Desert statue
  • Bomb rocks around timeshift stone near generator lock
  • Bomb open water generator
  • Generator lock puzzle
  • Lanayru Mining Facility

Lanayru Mining Facility

Opening the Thunderhead

  • Learn Ballad of the Goddess
  • Imprisoned 1
  • Fly to Skyloft (Academy)
  • Talk to Gaepora
  • Turn first windmill
  • Visit second windmill
  • Repair Scrapper
    • Optionally, upgrade to Quick Beetle (0 R)
  • Potion Shop Bottle
  • Fly to Eldin and retrieve windmill propeller
  • Fly to Skyloft and turn second windmill
  • Play Ballad of the Goddess on the Light Tower
  • Fly to Isle of Songs
  • Entrance Puzzle
  • Farore's Courage
  • Fly to Faron Woods (Viewing Platform)

Faron Woods 2

Ancient Cistern has two routes depending on the version you're running. Both possible routes follow.

Ancient Cistern (NTSC v1.0)

Ancient Cistern (Others)

  • Lilypad cutscene skip
  • Combination lock (UDLR)
  • Flip lilypad in next room
  • Red rupee in water (20 R)
  • Small key
  • Back to main room and enter statue
  • Stalmaster fight
  • Whip
  • Deathwarp
  • Hit switch to close off waterfall
  • Whirlpool room
  • Use beetle to drop spider on lilypad
  • Small Key from Bokoblin with whip
  • Lilypad spout room
  • Climb along vines to lower statue
  • Head to bottom floor of statue
  • Early Blessed Idol
    • Highflip method to get under statue
    • Blessed Idol
    • Deathwarp in right spot to escape
  • Open boss door
  • Raise the statue
  • Koloktos
  • Farore's Flame
  • Fill second bottle with water

Lanayru Desert 2

  • Fly to Isle of Songs
  • Nayru's Wisdom
  • Fly to Lanayru (North Desert)
  • Harp Cancel
  • Nayru's Silent Realm
  • Clawshots
  • Clawshot/Run to Sand Sea
  • Hit timeshift stone on boat
  • Sail to Skipper's Retreat
  • Sail to Shipyard
    • Minecart roller coaster
    • Moldarach redux
  • Sail to Pirate Stronghold
    • Bomb refill at end of stronghold
    • Sandship Dowsing
  • Sail to and attempt to blow up Sandship


Eldin Volcano 2

Fire Sanctuary

  • Small key
  • First Magmanos room
  • Dark Lizalfos fight
  • Beetle-bomb rocks to make lava flow
  • Small key in mogma room
  • Water plant jumpslash trick in next room
  • Double Magmanos fight
  • Mogma Mitts
  • Burrow underground to next room
  • Save at bird statue
  • Use gust bellows to reveal digging spot
  • Open gate and cross bridge to map room
  • Solve double gate puzzle
  • Use waterplant to douse fire wall
  • Bomb open hidden wall for small key
  • Deathwarp
  • Cross lava river
  • Mogma catching game
  • Start lava river flowing
  • Float down river and jump to left statue's mouth
  • Double Dark Lizalfos fight
  • Underground puzzle and Moldorm fight
  • Boss Key
  • Ghirahim
  • Din's Flame
  • Fly to Faron (Behind the Temple)

The Hunt for Levias

Song of the Hero

  • Fly to Lanayru (West Desert)
  • Talk to Golo in the caves
  • Use beetle to snag small key
  • Minecart Auto-scroller
  • Life Tree Seedling
  • Shoot timeshift stone with arrow
  • Fly to Faron (Behind the Temple)
  • Go through Gate of Time and plant Tree of Life
  • Tree of Life Fruit
  • Fly to Lanayru (Lanayru Gorge)
  • Revive Thunder Dragon for Song of the Hero part
  • Fly to Faron (Sealed Grounds)
  • Imprisoned 3
  • Use Groosenator to reach flooded woods
  • Tadtones with Air Potion
  • Deathwarp
  • Talk to Water Dragon for Song of the Hero part
  • Fly to Eldin
  • Bokoblin Base
  • Talk to Fire Dragon for last Song of the Hero Part
  • Fly to Levias
  • Learn Song of the Hero
  • Fly to Skyloft (Plaza)
  • Harp Cancel
  • Goddess's Silent Realm
  • Stone of Trials
  • Enter Sky Keep

Sky Keep

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