Any% No BiT


In this category, the Back in Time glitch, and all its derivatives, are banned. All other glitches are allowed. This also means the file setup doesn't matter; all you need is a blank Hero Mode file in one of the three slots.

Your blank Hero Mode file needs at least one Ancient Flower (to repair Scrapper). Upgrading to the Quick Beetle is slower, but if you want to do the upgrade anyway, you'll need as well:

  • 2 Ancient Flower (so 3 total)
  • 2 Hornet Larvae
  • 1 Golden Skull


  • Zelda Cutscene at Goddess Statue
  • Groose Cutscene at Plaza
  • Practice Sword
  • Red rupees in waterfall cave crawlspace (40 R)
    • Only if you will upgrade to Quick Beetle
  • Rescue your Loftwing
  • Sidehop cutscene skip
  • Wing Ceremony and Sailcloth
  • Follow Fi to Goddess Statue
  • Goddess Sword
  • Place Emerald Tablet
  • Adventure Pouch
  • Wooden Shield from Owlan
  • Fly to Faron (Dive trick)

Faron Woods 1

You must choose to perform either Rope Floria or Fence Hop later in the run. This choice changes the route slightly.

  • Deku Babas
  • Skyward Strike in the pit
  • Revitalizing Potion
  • Impa and her beacon
  • Gorko Bokoblin fight
  • Log Jump to enter Faron
  • If doing Rope Floria (faster): Visit Faron Entrance statue
  • Machi Bokoblin fight
  • If doing Fence Hop (slower): Visit In the Woods statue
  • Roll into wall to knock vine loose
  • Machi conversation
  • Fight Bokoblins for Lopsa
  • Grass Cutting for Erla
  • Through the Hole for Oolo
  • Slingshot
  • If doing Fence Hop (slower): Push down log above In the Woods statue
  • Visit Viewing Platform statue
  • Deep Woods
  • Extending Blow OR Goddess Cube warp and Fi Text Skip
  • If you did Goddess Cube Warp: Push down log on ledge nearby
  • Enter Skyview Temple

Skyview Temple

  • Shoot first switch with slingshot
  • Spin sword to defeat eye guardian
  • Activate switch on lower level
  • Hit switch in western room to raise water
  • Perform the jump from the Map Chest to the east room (hard), or perform the italicized route below
  • Hit switch on upper level in main room
  • Roll through crawlspace on lower level and hit switch to raise water
  • Return to main room and cross log to vines
  • Spin sword to defeat double eye guardians
  • Small Key
  • Stalfos fight
  • Beetle
  • Activate switch over western door with beetle
  • Use beetle to knock down crate
  • Kill skulltula and spin sword to defeat triple eye guardians
  • Small Key
  • Slingshot snipe to raise water level
  • Enter eastern door in main circular room
  • Kill Staldra and continue
  • Spider skip (or use the beetle)
  • Open gate with slingshot
  • Vine swinging fun
  • Boss Key
  • Take vines back to boss door
  • Ghirahim
  • Get Heart Container
  • Ruby Tablet
  • If you did Extending Blow: Push down log on ledge in Deep Woods
  • Fly to Skyloft (Goddess Statue)
  • Place Ruby Tablet
  • Fly to Eldin

Eldin Volcano 1

Earth Temple

Lanayru Desert 1

  • Push first minecart to cross gap
  • Slingshot timeshift stone
  • Pull and ride first minecart
  • Bomb down statue
  • Cross the sinksand (brakeslide)
  • Bomb rocks on minecart track
  • Roll bombs to activate timeshift stone
  • Pull and ride minecart to Desert
  • Dual Technoblin fight
  • Hook Beetle
  • Brake Slide to reach Fire Node
  • Fire generator room
  • Bomb open lightning generator
  • Lightning generator room
  • Visit North Desert statue
  • Bomb rocks around timeshift stone near generator lock
  • Bomb open water generator
  • Generator lock puzzle
  • Lanayru Mining Facility

Lanayru Mining Facility

Opening the Thunderhead

  • Learn Ballad of the Goddess
  • Damage down to 2 hearts by jumping down the spiral to Imp 1
  • Imprisoned 1
  • Run to Behind the Temple
  • Fly to Skyloft (Academy)
  • Talk to Gaepora
  • Turn first windmill
  • Visit second windmill
  • Repair Scrapper
    • Optionally, upgrade to Quick Beetle (0 R)
  • Potion Shop Bottle
  • Fly to Eldin (Temple Entrance) and retrieve windmill propeller
  • Fly to Skyloft and turn second windmill
  • Play Ballad of the Goddess on the Light Tower (with Harp Cancel)
  • Fly to Isle of Songs
  • Entrance Puzzle
  • Farore's Courage
  • Fly to Faron Woods (Viewing Platform)

Faron Woods 2

Rope Floria Route (faster):

Fence Hop Route (slower):

Routes merge here

  • Water Dragon cutscene
  • Enter Ancient Cistern

Ancient Cistern has two routes depending on the version you're running. Both possible routes follow.

Ancient Cistern (NTSC v1.0)

Ancient Cistern (Others)

  • Lilypad cutscene skip
  • Combination lock (UDLR)
  • Flip lilypad in next room
  • Red rupee in water (20 R)
  • Small key
  • Back to main room and enter statue
  • Stalmaster fight
  • Whip
  • Deathwarp
  • Hit switch to close off waterfall
  • Whirlpool room
  • Use beetle to drop spider on lilypad
  • Small Key from Bokoblin with whip
  • Lilypad spout room
  • Climb along vines to lower statue
  • Head to bottom floor of statue
  • Early Blessed Idol
    • Highflip method to get under statue
    • Blessed Idol
    • Deathwarp in right spot to escape
  • Open boss door
  • Raise the statue
  • Koloktos
  • Farore's Flame
  • Fill second bottle with water

Lanayru Desert 2

  • Fly to Isle of Songs
  • Nayru's Wisdom
  • Fly to Lanayru (North Desert)
  • Harp Cancel
  • Nayru's Silent Realm
  • Clawshots
  • Clawshot/Run to Sand Sea (Check West Desert Statue)
  • Hit timeshift stone on boat
  • Sail to Skipper's Retreat
  • Sail to Shipyard
    • Minecart roller coaster
    • Moldarach redux
  • Sail to Pirate Stronghold
    • Bomb refill at end of stronghold
    • Sandship Dowsing
  • Sail to and attempt to blow up Sandship


Eldin Volcano 2

Fire Sanctuary

  • Small key
  • First Magmanos room
  • Dark Lizalfos fight
  • Beetle-bomb rocks to make lava flow
  • Small key in mogma room
  • Water plant jumpslash trick in next room
  • Double Magmanos fight
  • Mogma Mitts
  • Burrow underground to next room
  • Save at bird statue
  • Use gust bellows to reveal digging spot
  • Open gate and cross bridge to map room
  • Solve double gate puzzle
  • Use waterplant to douse fire wall
  • Bomb open hidden wall for small key
  • Deathwarp
  • Cross lava river
  • Mogma catching game
  • Start lava river flowing
  • Float down river and jump to left statue's mouth
  • Double Dark Lizalfos fight
  • Underground puzzle and Moldorm fight
  • Boss Key
  • Ghirahim
  • Skip Heart Container
  • Din's Flame
  • Fly to Faron (Behind the Temple)

The Hunt for Levias

Song of the Hero

  • Fly to Lanayru (West Desert)
  • Talk to Golo in the caves
  • Use beetle to snag small key
  • Minecart Auto-scroller. Optimally, take free damage during auto-scroller.
  • Life Tree Seedling
  • Deathwarp by slashing a bomb into the void if you took damage during the auto-scroller. Otherwise, Shoot timeshift stone with arrow
  • Fly to Faron (Behind the Temple)
  • Go through Gate of Time and plant Tree of Life
  • Tree of Life Fruit
  • Fly to Lanayru (Lanayru Gorge)
  • Revive Thunder Dragon for Song of the Hero part
  • Fly to Faron (Sealed Grounds)
  • Imprisoned 3
  • Use Groosenator to reach flooded woods
  • Tadtones with Air Potion
  • Deathwarp
  • Talk to Water Dragon for Song of the Hero part
  • Fly to Eldin
  • Bokoblin Base
  • Talk to Fire Dragon for last Song of the Hero Part
  • Fly to Levias
  • Learn Song of the Hero
  • Fly to Skyloft (Plaza)
  • Harp Cancel
  • Goddess's Silent Realm
  • Stone of Trials
  • Enter Sky Keep

Sky Keep

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