Get the Harp


  • Zelda Cutscene
  • Save at Lower Academy (LA) statue
  • Early Goddess Sword with RBM method
    • Activate BiT via west cliff
      • Copy File 1 to File 2
      • Bonk tree for modified BiTMagic
      • Make Corrupt File on File 2 at the Lower Academy Statue
      • Enter the Goddess Statue
      • Pick up the Goddess Sword, start F1 as you finish charging the skyward strike
  • Groose Cutscene
  • Rescue your Loftwing
  • S&Q on Prompt
  • Load corrupt file to activate BiT
  • Place Emerald Tablet
  • Adventure Pouch Skip (or get Adventure Pouch from Fledge)
  • Wooden Shield from Owlan (if you didn't skip Adventure Pouch)
  • Fly to Faron

Faron Woods

  • Deku Babas
  • Jumpslash off ledges to Sealing Spike (damage to 2 hearts)
  • Revitalizing Potion (if you didn't skip pouch)
  • Impa and her beacon
  • Save Gorko from Bokoblins
  • Save Machi from Bokoblins
  • Roll into wall to knock down vine
  • Machi conversation
  • Crawlspace past Elder
  • Save Lopsa from Bokoblins
  • Save Erla from Grass
  • Save Oolo from Hiding
  • Slingshot
  • Enter Deep Woods
  • Extending Blow to skip Deep Woods
    • As a backup, save at Deep Woods statue and BiTWarp LA (positioning important)
  • Shoot switch to enter Skyview Temple

Skyview Temple

Eldin Volcano

  • Save at Volcano Entry statue
  • Activate BiT via Fire Chu/lava
  • Bokoblin Fight for Digging Mitts
  • Fire Maze
  • Mogma/Impa cutscenes
  • Save at Volcano Ascent statue
  • Use RBM to enable early Earth Temple
    • Activate BiT via bomb flowers/lava
    • Enter Orielle and Parrow's house (below start) with File 1 selected
    • Sleep to night (don't move off splash screen until you select the bed)
    • Exit house with File 3 selected (or no file selected)
    • Run to graveyard and slash back left grave
    • Perform the RBM by starting File 1, then pushing the grave back to start shed CS
  • Scale the sandy slopes
  • Mogma cutscene
  • Run towards temple to trigger entrance CS

Earth Temple

  • Camera manipulation for early platform cycle
  • Lower drawbridge with CS skips
  • Avoid Lizalfos and Skyward Strike bomb to loose boulder
  • Save at the bird statue on the island in the middle
  • Use RBM to raise the platforms and skip the boulder section
    • Activate BiT via bombs/lava
    • Enter the lower academy doors with File 2 (the Corrupt File) selected
    • Speak with Pipit (the yellow-clad knight)
    • Perform the RBM by starting File 1 and clearing Pipit's final textbox simultaneously
    • His final textbox is the seventh one

It is possible to skip the Bomb Bag, but this makes the Scaldera fight more difficult. If you want to skip the bomb bag, skip these next steps.

If you are skipping the Bomb Bag, do the next step instead.

  • Run to the pegs and watch the CS that plays, then die to lava

With or without Bomb Bag, continue here:

  • Stuttersprint up slopes
  • Dragon Sculpture
  • Refill bombs to 7 before boss
  • Scaldera
  • Amber Tablet
  • Save at Prompt
  • Activate BiT Via lava/bombs
    • Copy File 1 to File 2
    • Bonk tree to open academy gates
    • BiTSave LA
    • Collect stamina fruit with file 1
    • Enter Goddess Statue with file 3
    • Early Lanayru Pillar file 1
  • Fly to Lanayru

Lanayru Desert

  • Save at Mine Entry statue
  • Use RBM to activate the Temple of Time statue
    • Activate BiT via bombs/bomb flowers
    • Bonk tree near bazaar with File 2 selected to open shed
    • Enter Batreaux's house with File 2 selected
    • Perform the RBM by starting File 1 and clearing Batreaux's last text simultaneously
    • His last textbox is the sixth one after the text option
  • Shoot right eye of giant robot statue - this commits the RBM'd flag
  • Fly to Sky and land back in Lanayru at Temple of Time statue
  • Enter/Exit LMF back door to get Goddess Harp

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