Reverse BiTWarp (RBW)


A Reverse Back in Time Warp (BiTWarp) is a glitch that allows you to spawn in any area that is past a loading that can be accessed during Back in Time, using the coordinates you saved at on the surface. Such areas include Skyloft, every building on Skyloft, but also the Sky. Using Faron BiT this also adds the Sealed Grounds, Faron Woods, Deep Woods, Ancient Cistern, Skyview Temple, Eldin Volcano or Hylia's Realm for exemple.

How To

From a Statue

To perform a Reverse BiTWarp:

  • Save your file at a statue on the surface. Unlike a standard BiTWarp, here the precise statue DOES matter.
  • Activate BiT.
  • Move over to a loading zone that leads to the map you want to warp to. For exemple, if you want to warp to a building, go in front of the Skyloft door that leads into that building. If you want to warp to Skyloft proper, enter any building, then move to a door exiting to Skyloft; Orielle and Parrow's house is the closest door to the initial BiT spawn point.
  • Start your file then enter the loading zone during the fadeout. The timing for doors is to open the door and select your file at the same time, then quickly starting your file as Link opens the door.

This technique works for every single loading zone in the game, although the timing might be unique for some of them that are neither standard loading zones or doors. The general rule is that you want to move over to the loading zone that leads to the area you want to warp to, start your file, then start the loading process that leads you to the wanted map during the loading fadeout.

The game will load your file's XYZ coordinates, but the loading process will set your map to be the place you entered. Everything else about the file remains unchanged, including the spawn locations; if you deathwarp you'll end up back where you saved on the surface. Thus when your file loads, you will be in the place you entered during BiT, but spawn at an unusual set of coordinates.

Warping to Skyloft
Warping to the Knight's Academy

From a Save Prompt / New Game

If your file was saved at a save prompt (instead of a statue), or is a new game file, performing a Reverse BiTWarp to anywhere will simply cause the area to load normally at its entrance. This is extremely useful when your only goal is to load a small area (where most statues would put you OoB). Where this shines the most however is that Reverse BiTWarping into cutscenes when saved at a save prompt will allow the cutscene to play as intended. If you were saved at a statue instead you would just Reverse BiTWarp into the cutscene map without the cutscene playing, which can cause some glitchy behaviours. An exemple of a trick that is only possible when saved at a Save Prompt is Early Sky Keep.

Note: If you perform a Reverse BiTWarp and then die without saving, you will respawn at the statue you were saved at before performing the Reverse BiTWarp. As an exemple, that means you could totally die on Skyloft (after a Reverse BiTWarp to Skyloft) but respawn on the Surface after killing yourself (if it was a Reverse BiTWarp from a Surface save location).


For the longest time, the Reverse BiTWarp from Statues had no known uses. The closest theoretical use was to use a Reverse BiTWarp to enter Owlan's room to learn Spiral Charge. This would have allowed for the Sailcloth to be skipped in full game runs, since the only reason we needed it was to unlock Owlan's door to learn the Spiral Charge. However, the closest statue still spawns you either out of bounds or on the stairs leading from the first to the second floors of the academy.

The Reverse BiTWarp from a Save Prompt had a few known uses, such as Early Sky Keep and Early Light Pillar, but nothing that was significant for main categories.

However, with the discovery of Faron BiT, checking all the possible Reverse BiTWarps possibilities on the surface became necessary. It turned out that it was possible to obtain the Boss Key early in the Ancient Cistern from several statues, which saved a lot of time in JP speedruns by both allowing a way to get to the basement early combined with a way to enter the Ancient Cistern without healing the Water Dragon. It is also useful for entering the Skyview Temple or entering the Eldin Volcano.

Finally, save prompt RBWs on Skyloft are sometimes slightly faster than a simple BiTSave, one common exemple being to get inside the Statue of the Goddess.

Note: After any form of Reverse BiTWarping, selecting Saving and Quitting will make you go back to the Splash Screen instead of to File Select. In this case it is often faster to select Save and soft-reset the console manually.

Table of Reverse BiTWarps

This table lists all possible statues usable for Reverse BiTWarps, and the locations you end up in both in Skyloft proper and the Knight Academy. Any other building is too small, and Reverse BiTWarps end up out of bounds (OoB).

Any OoB warp in the Knight Academy is an infinite void softlock.

Saved StatueSkyloftKnight Academy
Sealed Grounds
Sealed GroundsOoB (Respawn: Lower Academy Stairs)OoB
Sealed TempleOoB (Respawn: Plaza)OoB
Behind the TempleOoB (Respawn: Bazaar Windmill Platform)OoB
Faron Woods
The Great TreeOn top of BazaarOoB
In the WoodsOoB (Respawn: Plaza)OoB
Viewing PlatformIn lake near waterfall caveOoB
Faron Woods EntryOoB (Respawn: Lower Academy Stairs)OoB
Forest TemplePlazaOoB
Deep WoodsOoB (Respawn: Plaza)OoB
Lake Floria
Underwater StatueOoB (Respawn: Plaza)OoB
Lake FloriaOoB (Respawn: Plaza)OoB
Floria WaterfallOoB (Respawn: Bazaar/Scaffolding)OoB
Skyview Temple
Entrance StatuePlazaOoB
Statue in Water RoomOoB (Respawn: Near River/Plaza)OoB
Statue Near BeetleOoB (Respawn: Academy Boxes)OoB
Boss Door StatueOoB (Respawn: Goddess Statue Chest or Sky Keep Entrance)OoB
Ancient Cistern
Entrance StatuePlazaOoB
Basement SpoutOoB (Respawn: Bazaar Windmill Platform)OoB
Lilypad Spout RoomOoB (Respawn: Scaffolding Platform)OoB
Statue above RopeOoB (Respawn: Bazaar Windmill Platform)OoB
Ceiling StatueNear Bazaar statueOoB
Eldin Volcano
Volcano EastInside Light TowerOoB
Temple EntranceOoB (Respawn: Behind Goddess Statue)OoB
Volcano EntranceOoB (Respawn: Lower Academy Stairs)OoB
Volcano AscentNear Crate by Piper's houseOoB
Mogma Turf StatueOoB (Respawn: Batreaux's House)OoB
Volcano SummitOoB (Respawn: Bazaar Windmill Platform)OoB
Outside Fire SanctuaryOoB (Respawn: Upper Academy Statue)OoB
Inside the Fire SanctuaryOoB (Softlock)OoB
Earth Temple
Entrance StatueOoB (Respawn: Plaza)OoB
Lava Room StatueOoB (Respawn: Near River/Plaza)1F Classroom
Lava Tunnel StatueIn lake near waterfall caveOoB
Boss Door StatueOoB (Respawn: Academy Roof)OoB
Fire Sanctuary
Entrance StatuePlazaOoB
Statue after First DoorBazaar2F Stairs
First Circular StatueNear shed1F Kitchen
Outside Magmanos StatueOoB (Respawn: Academy Roof)OoB
Second Circular StatueOoB (Respawn: Academy Roof)OoB
Lavafall StatueOoB (Respawn: Remlit Meadow)OoB
Inside the Fire SanctuaryOoB (Softlock or Sky Keep Entrance)OoB
Lanayru Desert
Mine EntryOoB (Respawn: Plaza)OoB
Desert EntranceOoB (Respawn: Plaza)OoB
Stone CacheOoB (Respawn: Graveyard Platform)OoB
North DesertOoB (Respawn: Academy Boxes)OoB
West DesertOoB (Respawn: Lower Academy Stairs)OoB
Desert GorgeOoB (Respawn: Lower Academy Stairs)OoB
Temple of TimeOoB (Respawn: Academy Roof)OoB
Lanayru GorgeOoB (Respawn: Bazaar Windmill Platform)OoB
Lanayru Sand Sea
Ancient HarborOoB (Respawn: Bazaar Windmill Platform)1F Classroom
Skipper's RetreatOoB (Respawn: Plaza)OoB
ShipyardOoB (Respawn: Plaza)OoB
Pirate StrongholdOoB (Respawn: Bazaar Windmill Platform)OoB
Lanayru Mining Facility
Entrance StatueOoB (Respawn: Bazaar Windmill Platform)1F Classroom
Bottom StatueOoB (Respawn: Upper Academy Statue)OoB
Top Right StatueOoB (Respawn: Goddess Statue Platform)OoB
Top Left StatueOoB (Respawn: Remlit Meadow)OoB
Entrance StatueOoB (Respawn: Bazaar Windmill Platform)OoB
Near Boss DoorOoB (Respawn: Bazaar Windmill Platform)OoB
Near Boss KeyOoB (Respawn: Near River/Plaza)OoB
The Sky/Skyloft
Lumpy PumpkinOoB (Respawn: Graveyard Platform)OoB
Isle of SongsPlazaOoB
Upper AcademyUpper AcademyOoB
Lower AcademyLower AcademyOoB
Waterfall CaveWaterfall CaveOoB
Hylia's TempleOoB (Respawn: Plaza)OoB
Hylia's Realm
Save PromptLoads area normally
Sky Keep
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