Bed Trick & Death Trick

Bed Trick

Discovered by peppernicus

Bed Trick is a glitch that can be performed with beds in Back in Time. By sleeping in a bed in BiT from day to day (or from day to night, but that is riskier) and starting your file in a frame perfect fashion, you can load your file in the area it was saved at but you will load at your last entrance instead of at your save point. This trick has various uses, such as teleporting a file to another files location, or loading the incorrect entrance in places that have several rooms. All of these are explained below.

This table shows the various results that can happen when you start a file in BiT, and which ones cause bed trick. This only applies to files saved at Bird Statue, and not Save Prompts.

Sleeping in a bedLoad your file very earlyLoad your file earlyLoad your file frame perfectly
Day to DayReverse BiTWarpContinue Trick Bed Trick †
Day to NightReverse BiTWarpReverse BiTWarp Bed Trick †
Night to DayReverse BiTWarpReverse BiTWarpLoads file normally †
Night to NightReverse BiTWarpContinue TrickLoads file normally †

The results are inverted if the file that is started frame perfecly is saved at night-time

If you start your file even earlier, you will simply be starting your file normally. If you start your file later, then you will not end Back in Time and you can try again.

Bed Trick is caused by your spawn type when sleeping in beds to be locked to value 0, which is the spawn type used to respawn you at entrances.

When performing bed trick, the screen will be visible again for a split second after sleeping and before the file is started. This short timeframe allows for a file dupe by opening the splash screen during it (see File Duping Teleportation below). What Link is doing during that split second also depends on the file you start: if the saved entrance value on your file exists in the house you sleep in, then you will see Link enter the house via the corresponding entrance. If it does not, then you will simply see Link standing at coordinates 0,0,0.

Sometimes, performing bed trick will crash the game instead. When this happens it means you attempted bed trick in a house that does not contain the room number for the area you're attempting to load. All Skyloft houses only have a room 0, and thus these houses can only load a room 0 (for exemple, this means the first room of a dungeon, or only behind the temple in the Sealed Grounds area). However you can perform bed trick inside the Knight Academy using Link's or Fledge's bed in order to warp to rooms having IDs 0,1,2,3,4,5 or 6. Remember that to do so, you need to enter the Academy with a file that does not have the Hero's Tunic, then update the story information from a file that has the Hero's Tunic (by opening Link's dresser), and then sleeping in the bed. There is however a downside and it's that the file you must start for bed trick inside the Academy needs to not have the Hero's Tunic, because sleeping in the Knight's Academy with the Hero's Tunic loads a layer that crashes in Back in Time.

Death Trick

Discovered by azer67

By dying in BiT, pressing Continue and then pressing start about half a second later, you can perform a trick known as Death Trick. There is a 2-frame window to activate this glitch (which is more lenient than Bed Trick). If you start your file too early you will be performing a Continue Trick instead (see bottom of this page). The results of this glitch are almost identical to Bed Trick in every way, but can be activated in new places. This means you can now warp to rooms 1, 2, 3 or 4 entrances without the need to be tunic-less by dying in the Sealed Grounds (for rooms 1 and 2) or in Lake Floria for the other rooms. However, it is almost always slower to perform Death Trick than to do Bed Trick in Orielle's House, thus it should rarely be used.

For unknown reasons, this trick will crash if performed on Skyloft Outside. Thus, it is recommended to die either in the Statue of the Goddess, or in the Waterfall Cave.

Bed Trick & Death Trick Applications

File Duping Teleportation

After starting your file when performing bed trick or death trick, the Title Screen logo will appear for a split second, with Link either performing an entrance animation or just standing at the origin of the map. If you open the Splash Screen during this split second and before the loading transition ends, you can copy all of the information from file 3 over the file you started, but still spawn at that file's last entrance point. This is called a File Dupe.

Video forthcoming

This glitch is useful because it allows you to teleport your run file (that needs to be saved on Slot 3 for this trick) to any place File 1 and File 2 last entered. This trick is similar in use to a BiTSave in the sense that it allows for teleporting your file, but whereas a BiTSave is limited to Skyloft and a few areas of the Surface by going to Faron in BiT, this method works for any area where you can save. Simply put the file that's making game progress on slot 3, perform bed trick or death trick by starting the file saved in the area you want to warp to in a correct fashion, and open the splash screen when it appears. File 2 will now be a perfect copy of File 3 progression-wise, but you will still load where File 2 was saved beforehand.

Stale Entrance Warp (SEW)

Bed Trick and Death Trick can be used in some scenarios to warp to entrances you are normally not able to access. To do so, you must first trigger an entrance in some room. Then you need to change room without triggering any entrance, and save in another room. The saved entrance value will still be from earlier, and performing bed trick/death trick will now load you in the room you were saved at but with the last entrance value triggered. This causes you to spawn at entrances you've never been before.

One use of this is to spawn near the Ancient Cistern Boss Entrance. Go into the Ancient Cistern Basement by going down the rope first. This is entrance 2 in room 4. Then, use the main statue to climb back up to the main room, which is room 0, and save at the entrance statue. Now performing bed trick/death trick will load entrance 2 of room 0, which is near the boss.

Note that you cannot die to respawn in another room, as otherwise the game will grab back the entrance value used to enter that room.

Entrance Animation Transfer (EAT)

This is exclusive to Bed Trick. This does not work with Death Trick.

After a bed trick, the game will load you at your last entrance, but without setting your respawn coordinates and angle properly. This means that dying after a bed trick will make you respawn at the coordinates of the statue you saved at before the bed trick, but with the animation of the entrance used to enter the area in the room you saved in. Some of these entrance animations make Link be in a no-clip state, which allows him to clip though walls: most notably lifting door entrances like in Sky Keep or the Ancient Cistern rope entrance.

This does not work with all entrance animations, such as the landing at a statue animation. Landing at a statue does not work because if you die after landing at a statue you respawn at the statue without the animation playing, contrarely to dying after entering a dungeon door entrance for exemple. Thus it only works with animations that play after a death.

Swinging doors have an interesting effect: after the death, you should respawn at the statue, but because the game tries to play the swinging door animation, you are immediately teleported to the closest swinging door, and that animation plays. In the next video, this is used to get Out of Bounds in Behind the Temple.

Continue Trick

Continue Trick is a trick that can happen with both beds and deaths, and that is generally considered less useful. It is however much easier to perform. There are two ways to do this glitch:

  • By sleeping in a bed in BiT, choose to sleep from Day to Day or Night to Night (which don't change the layer of the room, see the Bed Trick table above). Press Start as the screen fades to black or white (earlier than the frame for Bed Trick) to perform a Continue Trick.
  • By dying in BiT, make sure the game doesn't change the layer when it reloads the area. Press continue and Start the file at the same time to perform a Continue Trick.

The results is that the file you loaded will warp to the respawn location that was set during BiT, and BiT is ended. This can also be combined with a File Dupe. After pressing continue, or after sleeping in the bed, you will see the Title logo for a split second before your file loads. Simply open the Title Screen during the split second you see it during that loading transition in order to File Dupe file 3 over the file you started.

Note: If no respawn location has been set before the death (i.e. you died with out entering an new Area or saving during BiT), you'll crash and get a black screen. That is why you should save at a bird statue if you wish to do it on Skyloft Outside right after activating BiT.

If you die after performing a continue trick, you will respawn at the last statue you saved at before performing the trick.

Continue Trick Reverse BiTWarp

If you try to do a Continue Trick using the Death Method when the game has to change the layer during the load, and if the load is long enough, you will be performing a Continue Trick RBW: this time you will load your file in the area loaded in BiT and respawn with the X, Y and Z coordinated saved on your file, exactly like a normal Reverse BiTWarp.

However, this time the Save Prompt effect does NOT occur: this allows one to respawn with save prompt XYZ coordinates into any map accessible in BiT. Below is the list of the save prompt coordinates that are useful to this:

New Game/Hero Mode 0 0 0
Loftwing Tutorial Prompt 861.865417 0.309706509 5257.47119
Emerald Tablet Prompt -822.545776 94.2758484 -2719.94702
Skyview Temple Prompt -110 1133.43005 650
Earth Temple Prompt -300 13800 -25000
Harp Prompt -38000 50 -4750
Ancient Cistern Prompt -10114.7939 270.519989 -5000
Sandship Prompt -2550 70 0
Fire Sanctuary Prompt 0 -500 -11475.0625
Sky Keep Prompt 0 7599.99023 8935.83008
Save Prompt at the end of Hero Mode -13.132597 0.870000005 2021.47632

In reality there is a major difference between this trick and a normal Reverse BiTWarp: a normal Reverse BiTWarp spawns you at the coordinates where you saved, whereas this trick puts you at the respawn coordinates saved on your file (the coordinates where you should respawn in case you die). Normally those coordinates are never different since saving at a statue or at a save prompt also updates respawn coordinates. There are a few exceptions though: it is possible to perform a Continue Trick RBW to respawn at Bokoblin Base Entrance Coordinates if you save at any Bokoblin Base statue. Saving at such a statue does not save new respawn coordinates and keeps the ones from before the save, due to the fact that a death in this area loads an entrance into the Jail Cell anyway.

Last updated 07/29/2021 – azer67