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A Back in Time Save (BiTSave) is a glitch using BiT that allows you to teleport from any location to a statue you can access during Back in Time.

How To

To perform a BiTSave:

  • Save at a statue or prompt to retain your progress.
  • Activate BiT.
  • Move to the statue you want to teleport to.
  • Select the statue and the file you want to teleport simultaneously.
  • Save at the statue

Now, the next time you start your file, the game will load your file at the statue you saved at in BiT, and BiT will end.

In fact, you do not necessarely need to have the file you want BiTSaved selected when saving. You need it to be the last file you selected before saving. But beware, if you save after opening the splash screen into file select you are not performing a BiTSave, but a File Dupe. When BiTSaving you should always manually select the file. The reason opening the Splash Screen doesn't work like expected is explained here.

Notable Uses

  • If you are required to travel back to Skyloft through the sky, it is sometimes faster to BiTSave instead of flying.
  • After BiTSaving on Skyloft and loading your file, you will load on the layer you BiTSaved on. This means you can load your file on Skyloft layer 28, which is the title screen layer, not normally used during gameplay. However, BiTSaving anywhere else (in Faron Back in Time) will not preserve the layer, which will be recalculated when you load your file.
  • Since the Goddess Statue is open on layer 28, you can get the Goddess Sword early and skip obtaining the Practice Sword, although this is slightly slower in Japanese versions.
  • The teleportation aspect can be used to sequence break Skyloft; in particular, you can use BiTSaves to skip the Wing Ceremony and Sailcloth, chasing after Fi, and Adventure Pouch.

Spawn Locations

A BiTSave changes your spawn locations. Your save location is set to BiT Skyloft, while your respawn location remains at the statue you saved at before BiTSaving. This makes it possible to undo an unintentional BiTSave. If you kill Link without saving or entering a new Area, you will respawn where you saved before you BiTSaved.

Also, if you quit and reload your file, you will end up in BiT Skyloft, but your respawn location will still be where you saved before the BiTSave. So dying and continuing will respawn you in that location.

BiTSave and Scene Flags

When you BiTSave a file (for exemple to Skyloft but also in Faron for Faron BiT), the scene flag array isn't immediately updated for the new area. For exemple, if your file is saved in Eldin Volcano and you BiTSave it to Skyloft, then, while that file will state that it is now saved on Skyloft on the file selection screen, it will still have the flags from the area prior to the BiTSave (in this case, Eldin Volcano). To update the flags to be the flags from the new area, you will need to load your file and save at the statue properly again.

What this means is that it is not possible to combine a BiTSave with a Reverse BiTMagic trick, as the flag set during Back in Time will be set for the area prior to the BiTSave, but after starting the file the game will instantly load the flags from the new area, and the flag that was RBMed will be lost due to not have been committed properly.

BiTSave Crash

It is possible to crash the game while performing a BiTSave. If you select a file exactly 20 frames after pressing "Save" in Back in Time (which is the frame where the game performs the save), the game will crash. This crash is frame perfect.

Last updated 02/28/2024 – azer67