Cutscene Delay

Discovered by indykenobi


Cutscene delay is a way to delay or avoid certain cutscenes, specifically those that play when you explode rocks.

How To

Plant a bomb near some explodable rocks and move a medium distance away. Turn the camera so that the bomb and rocks are offscreen. On the frame that the bomb explodes, trigger a menu. Talking to a bird statue works; an easier method is to call Fi, as this can be done repeatedly with few frames passing between each attempt. If done correctly, the menu will come up as you hear the bomb explode; the cutscene is now delayed.


Delayed cutscenes (and some enemies) follow the principle of "out of sight, out of mind". If you do not look at the area where the cutscene should play, it will not play. As soon as you look at that area, no matter how far you are from it, the cutscene will trigger and play as usual. If you get too close to where the cutscene would trigger, it will trigger even if you do not look at it.

Some things will cancel the delayed cutscenes, while others will not:

  • Flying to the sky or zoning out of the area cancels the delayed cutscene.
  • Dying also cancels the delayed cutscene.
  • Voiding or sinking into sinksand does not cancel the delayed cutscene.
  • Triggering a different cutscene will play that cutscene as usual, but does not cancel the delayed cutscene.

It is possible to store more than one cutscene in this manner; if you do so, each will trigger individually if you look at the area where they would trigger.

Delayable Cutscenes

At this point, it is not fully known what types of cutscenes are delayable and which are not. A partial list includes:

  • Rock exploding cutscenes are delayable.
  • Goddess Cube cutscenes are delayable.
  • Timeshift cutscenes are not delayable.
  • Cutscenes triggered by entering an area do not seem to be delayable.
Last updated 04/16/2018 – indykenobi